February 15, 2012

Mama Drama

I'll post about our Valentine's Day soon, but last night we had a little unexpected trip to L&D. Chad and I were at dinner when I started feeling a lot of braxton hicks. I've been feeling them for several weeks, but I was having a TON. As we were finishing up dessert, I finally started timing them, and they were coming on every 3 minutes. We got home and my parents were watching Graham for us, so we told them what was going on and I rested on the couch drinking lots of water while they stayed to make sure the contratctions subsided.

After a full hour had passed of me timing contractions, they were getting more intense and I started to feel a lot of pressure with each one. They were super uncomfortable and getting painful, so we decided I should call the on-call doctor and head to the hospital. Thank goodness my parents were there, so they just stayed with Graham and put him to bed while we headed to L&D.

Once we arrived and were set up in a triage room, I was hooked up to a monitor, and it showed I was contracting. She did a fetal fibronectin test (which came back negative) and checked my cervix. I was a tiny bit dialated and my cervix is thin and she could feel Claire's head but it isn't engaged. She hooked me up to an IV to get some fluids in me and help stop the contractions. She also put me on bed rest until I can see my doctor in the morning. We got home around 2 a.m. and I felt some more contractions on the way home but they had slowed down. I wasn't dehydrated and there were no recent... ahem..."activities" that would have made me contract, so I guess it's a mystery as to why it happened.

My mom is hanging out with me and Graham today since I'm not supposed to do any lifting. Thank goodness for Mommas!! :) I'll find out more in the morning, but today I'm just taking it easy and hoping Claire stays put for a few more weeks!!


Kelly Grant said...

Glad everything is ok!

Kortni said...

Rest, rest, and rest some more!

Melissa Edwards said...

We had the same situation on Monday morning around 1am, was at the hospital until dawn. The contractions finally stopped on their own. I was pretty nervous since I was not technically 35 weeks until Tuesday and they like to stop labor before 35 weeks. Anyways, praying for you girlie.