February 17, 2012

Nursery Progress

Still not done with Little Miss' nursery, but progress has been made!! In my baby shower post you can see a little sneak peek of the room and today I ordered a few more things to help complete it! I love ordering online, so easy and I get to look forward to my package arriving :)

You can see in the background, we put the crib together, finished painting her room and bought her dresser/changing table....

This sweet little door hanger should be arriving tomorrow

I ordered this wooden monogram for above her crib today

And I also pulled the trigger on this chandelier tonight, after debating and debating on which chandelier to get her. It helped that it was on sale for cheaper than I've ever seen it :)

In other news, I went to see my doctor this morning to check on everything since our eventful Valentine's night. I was so happy to hear that everything looks good, I have no restricions and Claire looks like she will be staying put for a few more weeks at least!! I am so relieved. There is a lot to get done before we are ready for her arrival and I want her to be as healthy and developed as can be. Less than 3 weeks until she is full-term though, so we don't have much time!!

My goal is to have her nursery ready by the time the chandelier and monogram arrive (2 weeks). I can't wait!!!


Melissa Edwards said...

You are doing better than us- still no carpet. Hopefully next week and then we put it all together.

I love that monogram. Mind if I steal? Where did you order it?

Glad you are off bed rest!

Christina said...

Thanks Brenden! Just six months apart! That will be fun! Maybe it
will be a girl this time. I am still bummed we didn't get to see you guys when we were in Texas. Clair's room is so gorgeous, Brenden. I love it. And your shower was so cute. I wish I could of been down there for that. We miss you guys. Glad that your contractions stopped. That was scary. You aren't in safe zone yet, right?

The Pokornys said...

I know I am bummed too :( I'll be 35 weeks on Monday, but they said if I went into labor now they wouldn't stop it at this point. They said baby girls tend to do better than boys, though so that is good. I'm sure she will be in there for a few more weeks, though. I wish you could've been here for the shower too, that would've been so fun. Keep me posted on baby #3!!!