February 13, 2012

Showered With Love

Saturday morning my wonderful sister, mom, mother-in-law, Aunt Patti, and friend Traci threw a beautiful baby shower for Baby Claire and I!!! We had it at our home because my sister and Aunt live out of town and my parents and Chad's paretns are in the process of remodeling. It was so nice not having to haul all of the gifts home, though! :)

The adorable invitations:

          Adorable diaper wreath made by Traci's sister:

Love all the details!!!

Me and Aunt Mer Mer!!

Lindsay, Ashley and I

Nina, Jessica and Traci
Aunt Pam (who drove all the way from Dallas!!!) and Maw

Gamme and Aunt Cecilia

Mrs. Khazzoum, Mrs. Blackman and my Aunt Patti

The delicious cupcakes!!!

Terah and I

Game time! This was so fun, Traci had me fill out a piece of paper with 2 columns, one for me and one for Chad. It had a list of characteristics like (sense of humor, hair, legs, smile, etc.) and I had to pick which one I'd want Claire to take after. Who ever had the closest answers to mine won a prize. There was a tie, so the tie breaker was "What's Claire's middle name?" So fun! By the way, I may have looked at the papers after the shower and most people said Claire should have her daddy's hair, my sense of humor and Chad's intelligence, HA! I would have to agree with everything but the hair!! ;)

The gorgeous afgan knitted by Mrs. Schindewolf (Traci's mother-in-law) SOOO SWEET!!!!

Claire's first monogrammed onesie!!!

Moby wrap!

Sit to Stand Acitivity walker, Graham is already trying to take over his sissy's toys! ;)

 "Big Brother" "Little Sister" shirts!!! Love!!!

And the City Mini Double Stroller!!!!!! SOOOO exctied about this!!!! Given generously by our parents, my sister, and Aunt Patti!!! We are so blesseed!!!

Jaclyn and I

 Me with the Grandmothers!

The hostesses and I!

Graham wanted to get in on the picture action :)

Over the pictures now....

My Momma, Mer and Me

We are SO fortunate and blessed to have so many people in our life that love us and our babies. It's so humbling and wonderful to be in a room full of people there to celebrate your new baby. We are SO SO grateful for all the generous gifts we were given and to the hostesses for offering to throw us a second baby shower for our daughter!!!!

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