March 6, 2012

37 Week Check-Up

I had my 37 week appointment today, and I am still dilated to a 1 but she said my cervix is softening up nicely. I was hoping I had made more progress, but I'll take what I can get! I really thought (or was hoping) this might be the week, but my doctor said I was under strict orders to not go into labor this weekend since she will be out of town. My next appointment is next Wednesday, and if I'm favorable she said she can do a membrane sweep. She also said we can schedule an induction for the 19th. I'll be 39 weeks exactly. I'm really hoping I'll go into labor on my own before then, or that the membrane sweep will work...

I was kind of against having a scheduled induction because I think it's good for the baby to be born on it's own when it's good and ready. That's nice in theory, but when you're this far along and getting more uncomfortable by the day and  you have a toddler you need to plan child care for, an induction doesn't sound half bad! We'll see what happens, but at this point I'm keeping an open mind and crossing my fingers for my water to break on it's own this week or next.

I've been trying to stay busy and get out of the house with Graham a lot but I am literally so, so tired today. Everything is uncomortable and I am not motivated to do anything AT ALL. Cooking dinner sounds awful, so does doing the laundry and keeping up with any and all housework. I just keep telling myself the busier I stay, the more likely I'll go into labor, or at the least it will make the time go by faster. The hampers are currently empty, but  I have 3 loads that need to be folded (1 on the bed, 1 in the dryer and 1 in the washer) the floors are badly in need of being mopped, my car needs to be washed and detailed, my hospital bag still needs to be packed, the carseat needs to be installed and the carpet could stand to be vacuumed, and I need to dust. Not to mention I have a toddler that needs to be cared for. But all I want to do is take a NAP! Graham has been watching way too much Mickey Mouse, and needs to get some outside time in a bad way. Hopefully when Chad gets home we can go on a nice long walk before I make dinner.

At lunch with friends yesterday. Look at that expression!
What a HAM!!

Helping me with laundry
(this is where I found him this morning after I finished washing dishes...
 yes those clothes had already been organized and folded...)

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Lindsay said...

GRRR your blog hates me. I just left a comment saying I heart you, and I wanna come bring you coffee and vacuum/dust etc. on Thursday. Will you let me? Love you, bye!