March 14, 2012

38 Week Check-Up

This morning I had my much-anticipated doctor appointment. Chad went with me because everything I had read about a membrane sweep said that it was painful and I would likely have cramping and contracting afterwards. We dropped Graham off at my parents and rushed to my appointment. Everything still looks great with Claire and I! I was happy to hear that I am now dilated to 2 cm, and still a good 50-60% effaced. She said that it was common in subsequent pregnancies to dilate first then efface, so everything is moving along like it should. She was able to do the membrane sweep, and I actually didn't think it hurt at all. I'd heard so many things about it being super painful, but I didn't even know she had done it! I had some spotting and cramping and contractions afterwards, but nothing too bad.

I've been timing contractions on and off tonight and they have gotten as close as 1-2 min apart lasting as long as 1.5 minutes each, but they then they go away.... I'm getting so frusutrated and anxious because I feel like everything is all ready for her. I just don't want to go to the hospital and be turned away, so we're waiting until we are pretty for sure that I'm in labor. My doctor is even on call tonight, so it would be perfect if it happened tonight. We'll see, but at this point I don't have my hopes up. If I end up making it through the weekend, it looks like Monday morning I will be induced. We are supposed to call at 5 am Monday morning to make sure they can get us in, and if not then my doctor will contact me that day about a back-up plan. Either way, it looks like we will be meeting Claire in just a few days!!!