March 10, 2012

Big Brother Day!

This morning, we took Graham to the Downtown Aquarium for a last fun outting as a family of three. We left around 10 am, and it was raining the whole way there. Just as we were about to get on the freeway, Graham started whining for Bear, and we realized we'd left it, so he cried for a while and we even considered turning back to get it, but I assured Chad he'd be fine. Then, I started feeling guilty that his special day had a damper on it because he wanted his bear :( He got over it after a little while, but didn't nap on the way down like we'd hoped. Thankgoodness I had extra paci's in my diaper bag!!  Then just as we were approaching downtown we realized we forgot the stroller!! Chad was not happy. He almost exited right then and there to turn around, but I convinced him it would be fine with the umbrella stroller, and thankfully it was.

We decided to eat lunch before going to the Aquarium, so I GPS'd places close by and we decided on the Hard Rock Cafe. It ended up being the perfect place, because it was right across the street from the Aquarium, so we didn't have to pay for parking twice. None of us had eaten there before either, so that was a bonus.

 Graham was being so funny, I had my phone out on the table, and he would randomly point to it, and say "CHEESE!!!!"  and then lean over to either me or Chad, indicating he wanted to take a picture with us! He has never done that before, and it was the cutest thing ever. What a little ham!!!
 He also enjoyed putting on a show for the other diners, by blowing kisses and flirting like crazy. I swear I don't know where he gets it from.
I tried to get a picture of him blowing kisses, but this was the best I got.
During lunch, Chad and I started talking about how this is our last big outting as a family of three. I asked him if it made him a little sad, and he said no. I told him I think it's kind of like when you're newlyweds before you have kids. You look back fondly on that time, but you don't ever wish you didn't have your baby. Besides, even though she is still in my tummy, she still exists, so I already think of us as a family of four. Chad kept saying how excited he was to have a daughter. He said he's looking forward to taking her on daddy-daughter dates and being wrapped around her little finger. Sweetest daddy ever. Claire is so, so blessed to have him. After we ate our burgers, we headed back to the Aquarium.

 Graham LOVED seeing all the fish and wildlife. He kept saying "Hi" and waving. :)

 Chad worked for a few years at a local fish store in high school, so he knows just about every type of fish there is. I love going to aquariums with him because he always tells me what everything is.

 I feel bad for the tiger. He was all alone, and it's such a fake environment. He got a little irritated and actually jumped up on the glass and pawed at one of the kids looking at him!!

 . Graham liked to look from a safe distance :)

Mommy and her boy :)

 I just love him so much.

Crying because he wanted Bear  on the way home :( He fell asleep within minutes, though.
It ended up being a great morning! The rain had stopped by the time we drove home, and Graham napped the whole way. :) I can't believe in just a few days we will be a family of four. I hope you had a fun day, Graham!!! Mommy and Daddy love you more everyday and that will never change. You are going to love being a big brother, I just know it. :)

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Lindsay said...

So sweet. This totally made me cry. So happy for all of y'all. Graham IS going to be the best big brother! :)