March 27, 2012

Claire's Birth Story

The morning before my induction, we met my family for breakfast because my sister and her family and some friends of theirs were in town for the rodeo. On the way to breakfast, I started feeling contractions that were different than my usual braxton hicks. With each contraction I was feeling crampiness in my lower back, which is exactly what I felt the night I went into labor with Graham. We debated whether we should turn around and go back home, beacause I had several things I wanted done around the house before we went to the hospital. We ended up going ahead to breakfast, and I had a few contractions while we were there, but nothing too bad.

After breakfast

On the way home, though I had several more, and by the time we pulled in the drive way, it was hard for me to walk into the house. I was sure at that point we would be heading to the hospital fairly soon. I went ahead and did some last minute chores around the house with Chad's help. I mopped the kitchen while he vacuumed and mopped the entry hall. (That sounds so crazy now, that I wanted all that done, ha!)  Did some laundry, put clothes away and packed the rest of my hospital bag. By the time I did all that, I sat down and felt like the contractions had stopped again. Chad's parents had already come over at this point to stay with Graham. I couldn't decide whether we should go to the hospital or not, but ended up deciding to go because my sister was planning on leaving town that afternoon, and I didn't want her to get on the road just to go into labor an hour later.

We got to the hospital, went to triage where I was checked and found out I was still at a 2; same as before my membranes were stripped on Wednesday :( After being monitored for awhile, we were told to walk around the hospital for 30-45 min and then get checked again. We ended up even walking up a bazillion flights of stairs all the way to the 7th floor!!! I still can't believe I did that. Anyway, I was checked again, and still no progress. By this time I was kind of glad to not be admitted, because I hadn't eaten since breakfast and knew I wouldn't get to eat for a long time if I was in labor. I was starving by that point, so we decided to grab dinner at Macaroni Grill. My parents and Mer, Randall and Charlotte met us up there too, since they were about to grab dinner when we called to tell them we were leaving the hospital.

After a nice dinner, we headed home and prepared to go the hospital in the morning!!

Around 4 a.m. Monday morning, Graham started fussing in his crib. We'll usually let him fuss for a little while and he goes back to sleep, but Chad went and grabbed him and brought him to our room. It was so nice just laying in bed soaking up our last moments as a family of three. At 5 a.m. Chad put Graham back in his crib and he went right back to sleep and I called the hospital to find out our induction time. They asked if we could be there at 7 a.m.! I was so excited they were able to get us in, and so soon! We called our parents to let them know the plan, and started getting ready to go. We showered, finished packing our bags and getting all those last minute things together and waited for Chad's parents to arrive to watch Graham.

Last pregnancy picture: 39 weeks!!

We left for the hospital around 6:30 and stopped for some kolaches and donuts on the way. :) We got to the hospital right at 7, and waited for our nurse to come get us and take us to our room. We had the best L&D nurse, I really liked her! I got my IV hooked up, and around 8 or so, my doctor came in and broke my water. I was really nervous it would hurt, but I didn't feel a thing! She checked my progress and I was dilated to a 2-3. They started my pitocin, and my parents showed up not long after that. The contractions started coming on but they weren't bad at all. About 30 minutes later, my nurse came back in, checked my progress (still at a 2-3) and upped my pitocin. I started feeling the contractions more, but they still weren't bad at all. I think she upped my pitocin a little more at this point. It wasn't long until they were a minute and a half to two minutes apart and getting a lot stronger. I was told I could get my epidural at any time, but I wanted to wait until I was at least a 4, so I could be sure it would be working good for the delivery.

The contractions started to get really painful, and I was having to breath through them. When I started to feel a sharp pain with each contraction, and a lot of back pain, my nurse thought it would be a good idea to go ahead and get my epidural. She said it deosn't take long to go from having to breathe through them to crying. After she told me that, I agreed I should go ahead and get it. She said he was finishing up a C-section so it would be a minute before he could get in there. By the time he got in my room, I was more than ready!!!

We were told during the hospital tour that the husbands weren't allowed in the room for the administration of the epidural, but when our anesthesiologist got there, he said it was up to us if Chad wanted to stay or not. I was so glad he could be in there with me. Just like last time, I didn't feel like the epidural hurt. The hardest part was having to be still while I was having painful contractions. Chad on the other hand, ended up feeling really light headed and almost passed out, so the nurse had him sit on the floor and gave him a cool wash cloth for his neck. She said it happens all the time.  Chad said he kind of loses it when he sees me in pain. He was still white as a sheet when my Mom, Dad and sister got back in the room!

The epidural kicked in after about 10 minutes, but I was still feeling pain on my left side, so the nurse had me lay on my left so the epidural could spread to that side. This is where things pick up...

The nurse said she was going to let me get nice and comfortable and let the epidural get to working good and then she would come back to put my catheter in. She told me to buzz her when I was nice and numb. The epidural started working good, and before long I was having big contractions and not feeling a thing. The last two contractions I had before the nurse came back in, I felt a tiny bit of pressure with each one. It was noticable but not bad at all. I was thinking at this point, I probably wouldn't have Claire until the afternoon. Everyone went to grab something to eat at the cafeteria, and my mom and Chad got back in the room with their food just as the nurse was coming in to put in my catheter.

She asked how I was feeling and if I felt any pressure. I told her the last two I had there was a little bit of pressure, so she said she would go ahead and put in the catheter and then check me. After she put in the catheter, she said "Oh yeah, I felt her head, let me check you." After she checked she said "Ok, looks like we're gonna have a baby!" I asked her how dilated I was and she said "You're complete! We're gonna get the doctor in here and start pushing." She said she could see her head and that she has dark hair. I couldn't believe it was that easy! I was so excited, and I knew I was going to be numb for the whole thing!  I pushed one practice push and she stopped me and said we needed to wait for the doctor becasue she was right there.

 My doctor showed up right away. Since my mom was in the room already, we asked if she wanted to stay, so she ended up being able to videotape the entire birth. Chad grabbed my left leg and my nurse grabbed my right and I started pushing. I didn't feel a thing, I couldn't believe it! I must've got that epidural right in the nick of time. I pushed for one minute and thirty seconds and she was out!! My  mom asked how many pushes that was, and my doctor said one, just one long push was all it took! The doctor came into my room at 11:40 and Claire was born at 11:44. Right when Claire came out, my doctor said "Now that's the way to have a baby!" I kept saying, "Is that some kind of record?" I couldn't believe it was that fast and totally painless. I think for a few hours after she was born I couldn't believe that it was that easy and she was here!!!

Claire was absolutely perfect, she cried immediately and I was in awe from the moment they placed her on my chest. I love that we have that moment on video. Of course, the first thing I asked was "Is it a girl??"  and my doctor said "It's a girl!" She had dark brown hair and they kept saying how chunky she was! When they weighed her, I was so surprised to find out she was 7 pounds, 10 ounces just like her big brother!!! She was a little taller at 19 and 3/4 inches. Her apgar scores were 8 and 9 for color only. Perfect in every single way. I still can't stop staring at her! I think she looks so much different than Graham, but they do have a similar chin and mouth. She has a darker complexion and of course darker hair and more of it. Ok, now time for the picture overload!!

First picture with Mommy and Daddy

Our first picture together

 Me and Dr. E, love her!!!

Our L&D nurse
Graham meeting Claire for the first time!

Chad's parents meeting Claire; she arrived so fast they didn't make it to the hospital in time!

Aunt Mer with her first niece!

Claire getting her first bath

Sweet baby love

Maw and Claire

Grandad and Claire

My Aunt Ann and Uncle Sonny with Claire

flowers from my family

balloons from my family

Uncle David meeting Claire

Jared and Corbin

Traci and Nina

Jaclyn and Claire

First family picture!!!


Blogging with the Bryan's said...

Now that's the way to have a baby! Lucky you =)

Traci said...

Love it! Can't wait to see lil miss again soon:)

Jalei & Lane said...

Glad l&d went so smoothly! And so perfect that she's smiling in her fist picture with you!

The Sweatman Family said...

Congrats Bren! What a great moment to document!

Christina said...

I am so glad you had such an easy labor and delivery, Brenden! Claire is so beautiful!