March 1, 2012

Claire's Nursery Reveal!

With the exception of her wooden monogram, which should arrive next week, it's finally done!! I think it turned out really sweet. It's pretty much just how I envisioned it, and I am so glad that PINTEREST exists, because most of my ideas came from there! :) I think it's a room that will really be able to grow with her, and I hope she loves it as much as we do. I seriously might move in there if I could :) A special thanks to Chad for all the hard work he did. He single-handedly painted the striped wall (I helped some with the other walls), put the crib and dresser together and hung her chandelier and all the wall decorations. Claire is so lucky she has a daddy who loves her so much, and he was just as excited about this very PINK nursery as he was about the sweet baby blue one we did just 2 years ago.... :) I can't wait until there is a beautiful little newborn to bring home to her nursery!
sign from

Chandelier from

Jenny Lind crib from
and paper pom poms recycled from my baby shower

Bedding from Restoration Hardware Baby & Child

Already has a doll collection
and a  pink bear just like her brother's beloved blue bear

Shelf and picture frames from Hobby Lobby

My first pair of shoes when I was a baby :)

Antique baby gowns were my mother's when she was a baby

Dresser from Ikea

Rocking chair from Good Will and "Dream" sign from Hobby Lobby.
I was originally going to paint her rocking chair, but I ended up liking it better as-is!

Paris drawings from Hobby Lobby
Claire is a French name, so that's why I chose those :)

Basket from Hobby Lobby

Good start on her bow collection!!! Most are gifts, or from etsy or Hobby Lobby

Washed socks, hats and plenty of paci's :)

Newborn diapers all ready to go!! (Thanks, Traci!!) :)

Newborn onesies all washed and ready to wear! :)

Recieving blankets and swaddles washed and ready to wrap Claire up in!


A FULL closet!!!! Lucky girl.

The wall the monogram will go on

Coming home/Easter dress I picked up today!!

Lamp and mirror from Hobby Lobby

And of course, a boppy!


Jonathan, Amy, Addison, Bennett, and Garrett said...

Love how her nursery turned out. I was just thinking about the rocking chair the other day, I think it looks great. I have a little something for Claire, I will try and bring it to church on Sunday. Hope you are feeling good, can't wait to meet this special little girl.

Kortni said...

It is beautiful! She is a lucky little girl for many reasons. I loved seeing all the tiny, tiny diapers!

Blogging with the Bryan's said...

Yall did a nice job - love it! Can't wait to meet her

Jalei & Lane said...

So pretty! I love the horizontal stripes. You are ready to go!