March 12, 2012

Great Sunday

Sunday was a fun, relaxed day. It stormed in the morning and Chad went to church solo because being so close to delivery, I'm super paranoid about Graham getting sick in the nursery. So, we decided I should stay home with him while Chad went to our life group class. He said he was glad he went, and it was a really good class. On his way home, he called and asked if I had eaten yet and if I would want to go grab lunch at the new El Tiempo that opened up just down the road... um... duh!!! We had a delicious lunch and my mouth was watering at the site of Chad's margarita :)

After lunch, we came home and put Graham down for an afternoon nap, and then I went to get a  mani/pedi. I loooove the nail salon I go to. They give the best massages, I always leave feeling so relaxed. I just got a mani/pedi a little over a week ago, but figured I need to spoil myself a little before Claire arrives, right?? :) Besides, I have to have my toes looking good for delivery!! I found the perfect nail color for my manicure... OPI's It's a girl! For my toes I picked OPI's Pink-ing of You, although they turned out lighter than I'd thought.

When I got home, Chad's parents came over to visit. They brought a surprise for Graham- a rocking chair just his size! He LOVES it. He has been rocking in that thing non-stop. He loves when his grandparents visit, and he is such a little show-off.

 Earlier in the day, I threw together a super easy, yummy dinner, crockpot buffalo chicken. I've only made it once before, but it's one of Chad's new favorites.  I found the recipe HERE.

The recipe calls for an entire bag of boneless, skinless frozen chicken breasts,
but I only use about 4 chicken breasts.
You put the frozen chicken breasts (no need to thaw!) in the bottom of the crockpot.
Pour in half a bottle, to a full bottle of Franks Wing Sauce,
then sprinkle a packet of dry ranch dressing mix on top.
Cook on low about 6 hours and then shred the chicken. Add a tablespoon or so of butter and return chicken to crockpot and let the flavors meld together for another half hour or so.

You can serve it a number of ways, but we like to use it on sandwiches. We butter hoagie rolls, then broil until a little toasted. I like to spread a little bleu cheese dressing on my roll, and add a slice of provolone cheese and chopped celery. We served fries and celery on the side. Sooo delcious!!!!

I got the hot bottle of franks wing sauce this time, so I knew it would be too spicy for Graham. He loved it last time, though! Graham had chicken nuggets, applesauce and steamed baby carrots. After dinner, we bathed him and put him to bed, but not before I got a sweet snuggle from my little man.
He has been so cuddly lately, I love it. I soaked in the jacuzzi tub for awhile (my new nightly ritual) while Chad watched the Rockets game and then we watched Desperate Housewives.... btw can you believe they killed off Mike!?!?! I think tonight we'll be having those sandwiches again, since there is plenty of leftover buffalo chicken.
Then I'll make my favorite homemade chocolate chip cookies (at Chad's request)
 and watch the Bachelor finale! Unless of course, Claire decides she wants to join us :) I felt a little "off" this morning, and had a lot of crampiness and contractions today. Chad predicted a while ago that she would be born on the 12th.... We'll see!!

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Lindsay said...

I am SO mad that I didn't ask you about going to get a pedi together. I need one soooo bad, and I hate going by myself (because I do not enjoy pedicures b/c i'm so ticklish, but I do if I have someone to talk to and distract me from the misery). I figured since you had just had one done that you were done. Poop! Well maybe you need another one to induce labor?! :) Love the colors you picked!!