March 13, 2012

Park and Playdate Fun

 Last night after dinner we decided to take advantage of the time change and go to our neighborhood park. Graham LOVES the park right now. He ran straight to the slide and went down it all by himself about a hundred times. With all the rain and it being hard for me to chase Graham around the playground, we haven't been going much. I told Chad we need to be better about going, because Graham loves it so much. He was not a happy camper when we had to go home, as you'll see in a few of the pictures I snapped!

This morning we headed to Traci's house for a last playdate before Claire arrives! As always, she had a delicous breakfast and coffee for us and the kids had a blast running around. You can tell from these pictures why I say Tripp and Graham are bestfriends. They are so funny together! I'm glad I brought my camera and got to snap a few of these boys in action. So cute! Thanks for having us, Traci! :)

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Lindsay said...

precious! love it