March 8, 2012

Push Present

Last night, Graham, Chad and I went to Best Buy and we bought a new camera! I'm SO excited about it! I've been wanting a nice camera for a while, and thought I was maybe going to get it for Christmas, but knew I would probably get it before Claire was born. Chad wanted it to be a surprise, but I couldn't wait anymore! Besides, she could be born anytime now, and I didn't want miss getting some good pictures in the hospital!! We ended up going with the Canon EOS Rebel T3. Thankfully we had some guidance from a few of our friends who are into photography, because camera-speak is like a foreign language to me. I am trying to educate myself, and figure it out before Claire gets here. I took several pictures today, and I'm loving it! My good friend Lindsay came over this morning with her 4 month old baby girl, and we got Reese's first time to roll-over on video on the camera!!!

Last month, I kept seeing the "February Photo a Day Challenge" on several blogs, and I thought it was so neat. I'm going to try to do the "March Photo a Day" even though I'm starting it a little late. I'm hoping it will help me get into taking pictures everyday and of things besides just Graham (although he is currently my favorite subject) :) Once Claire arrives, I know it will be hard to keep up with, but I'll try my best!! Here's some pictures I took this morning just playing around with my camera!

Eating breakfast...did I mention he slept until past 10 this morning?!?!

Lindz and Graham, he just crawled right up on her lap for a snuggle

Beautiful Baby Reese

Mommy and Daughter :)

Graham LOVED Reese, he layed down on the floor by her and pretended he was a "baby"

Lindz said she just recenlty discovered her feet :)

I'm going to try to get caught up on the March Photo a Day Challenge and post those pictures soon.

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