March 18, 2012

To My Firstborn:

Tomorrow your life will change forever, and I have such mixed feelings. When I think back to the day that you came into this world, it seems like yesterday, yet here you are almost two years old and about to be a big brother. I know these next few weeks will be a little hard on you. It makes me sad to know that you won't understand why your world is so different all of the sudden. I promise to do everything in my power to show you that you will always be loved, cared for and treasured. You are and always will be our first baby, but you will no longer be our only baby. I know I will love your sister just as much as I love you, but you will hold a special place in my heart always, sweet boy. You made me a mommy, and for that I am forever grateful. I know you know how much I love you and how special our bond is. You probably won't ever remember a time when it was just the three of us, you, me and daddy. I want you to know it was the most amazing 21 months of my life. You were the entire center of our universe and we savored every minute of it. This next chapter of our family will be amazing. You will LOVE being a big brother and we will all fall madly in love with Claire. You two will be partners-in-crime, and each other's life-long best friend. I am so thankful we get to give you the gift of a sibling. You will be her biggest protector, her first hero, and someone she will look up to for her whole life. Claire is so incredibly blessed to have you for a big brother. We love you more every single day, and that will never, ever change. Sleep tight, sweet boy. Tomorrow you are going to be a big brother!!!!


Blogging with the Bryan's said...

Aww this made me cry because I remember those feelings when we brought Caden in the world and Connor became a big brother. It was one of the happiest days of my life but it was also an emotional few weeks for me and for Connor. We are all thinking about you today and can not wait to meet Ms. Claire.

MonicaDelia said...

Oh my goodness! I totally teared up while reading this. Such sweet words to your lil boy! I just feel so happy for you and your growing family! I hope
Khaled and I can make Maryam a big sister one day and just have all the love grow! =) My heart is just smiling and I am so happy baby Claire has arrived safe and sound! XOXO With love, Monica