March 17, 2012

The Waiting Game

Well, this girl seems to be keeping us guessing! I seriously don't remember being this anxious to go into labor with Graham, but then again he was born already by this point. I guess that is why I was thinking she would be even earlier, and for sure be here by now. I've had several "signs" of impending labor, and I have spent the last several days timing contractions. Last night I had regular contractions for over an hour, but just as we were thinking of heading to the hospital... they stopped. So, I just decided to go to bed since I was exhausted and figured if it was real labor, I would wake up. Chad was disappointed, and so was I :( I think the grandparents were too; we had called them to give them a heads-up only to call back a few minutes later saying we were going to bed. My mom has been on pins and needles for days, and really thinks it will happen at any moment. Several times a day our friends will text us asking if I'm in labor yet. This girl has everyone all worked up, ha! I'm actually texting with my friend Jessica right now about it :) And my friend Lindsay said she feels more anxious about me going into labor then she felt about herself a few months ago! I really want to go into labor naturally, but I don't think I can make myself pass on the induction on Monday, either...

This weekend we are just going to hang out and try to keep busy. I'm meeting up with Lindsay for mani/pedi's this afternoon, then we're going to a family party this evening. Tomorrow I'll just be tying up loose ends, getting the house in order, making sure we have everything packed, and possibly going on one last date night with Chad. I'm sure it will be awhile before we will be able to get away after tomorrow. So, unless Claire has other plans looks like we will be meeting our daughter on Monday!!

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Mike and Suzi :) said...

I got a pedicure today too!