April 20, 2012


Tuesday I turned 26! I was kind of dreading my birthday this year, because the next day Chad was leaving for a 4 night trip to Tampa for work, so we celebrated this past weekend and on Tuesday night.

Sunday afternoon, Chad and I went to see Titanic in Imax 3D, it was really neat! I've probably seen Titanic 100 times, literally, but it felt like I was watching it for the first time, and it was the 100th anniversary of the sinking, so that was neat. Claire went with us, and I pretty much nursed her the whole time and she was a perfect angel. :) After the movie, my parents treated us to dinner at Texas Roadhouse, yum!
Dinner with my parents!!

  Last week, I called Chad's grandparents to see if they wanted to come over on Tuesday to watch Graham for a little while so I could run some errands, not thinking it would be my birthday. When I remembered it was going to be my birthday, I took advantage and decided to meet my friend Lindsay for lunch and do a little shopping. I took Claire with me, so it ended up being a fun girl's day; Lindsay has a 5 month old daughter, so we met them at Chili's and she was so sweet to treat me to lunch!! After lunch, Claire and I went to Marshall's to do a little shopping. I got some cute clothes to hold me over until I fit back into my regular clothes. I'm in that awkward stage where my maternity clothes are too big, but my regular pants still don't fit. Shopping is always a good way to spend a birthday :) Chad's sweet grandparents brought me two hanging plants for our backyard, and David dropped off a present from him and Kara. So sweet!!

Cutest shopping buddy ever!!

Sweet Lindz and Reese
My parents came over to our house around six to watch Graham so we could go to a yummy dinner at El Tiempo. For my birthday present Chad got me a "Wife's Survival Kit" for when he was gone, which included 2 bottles of wine and my favorite magazines, haha, love him! I'm also probably going to buy a Chi hair straightener and maybe get a Michael Kors watch I've been wanting. :) We had a great night out, and it was nice getting to spend time together before Chad left the next morning. After dinner, we came home and ate birthday cake with my parents!

Headed to dinner!

My dad's famous chocolate sheet cake he makes for me every year!

Thursday morning, we went to my good friend Traci's house for a playdate, and she treated us to lunch, too!! My friends are way too good to me! We had fun watching the boys play and got to have some nice mommy-time chatting :)

All in all, it was a great birthday!! I got many sweet calls, texts and facebook messages from my family and friends. Crazy to think that last year when I turned 25, I wasn't even pregnant with Claire and now here she is, a month old!! Can't wait to see what my 26th year will bring!! {Probably won't be another baby, ha!}

April 19, 2012

Claire: 1 Month

How on Earth did that happen?! Seriously! It's already been a month since I gave birth to this angel?? We are so madly in love with this sweet girl it's ridiculous. There have been some hard moments this past month, but it has been so full of pure JOY. She is an absolute doll, and I am SO proud and privileged to call her my daughter.


-Can lift head really well! {Just like her big brother could}
-Sleeps 4-5 hours at a time at night {Waking up about 1-2 AM and again around 4 AM}
-Likes to ride in the car-when it's moving that is!
-Doesn't really take a pacifier
-Doesn't like to be in the swing for too long
-Loves to be held
-Nurses constantly- her little cheeks are getting some adorable chub!
-Wearing size newborn clothes still, 0-3 month are still a little big
-Wearing size newborn diapers
-Has an outtie belly button
-Likes the swaddle at night
- Likes the sound of the hair dryer, it calms her down when she's fussy
-Smiles in her sleep occasionally
-Still has her dark hair, hasn't lost any yet so far!

Happy One Month, Claire!! We love you so much.

April 13, 2012

Things Are Looking Up

I'm happy to say, after my long rant the other day, I'm feeling much better :) Wednesday night Chad's parents come over to babysit Graham while we went and did some shopping- we were both badly in need of some new clothes, so we stocked up for Spring. I got mostly tops and a casual dress since I expect to (hopefully) be down a couple of pant sizes in the next few months.

Yesterday, I decided to brave the grocery store with both kiddos by myself. It went much better than expected! I just needed a couple of things, so I figured we'd be in and out. Claire had been fussy at the house, and I think she was just overtired and couldn't settle down for a nap. I was hoping once we got in the car and started driving she would fall asleep and I was right. She ended up sleeping until we got home! Graham liked driving the "car" cart (so glad someone invented those!!) and I ended up getting a lot of groceries. I think Graham was happy to get out of the house, too. :)

Chad got home later than usual last night, but Graham was still napping when he got home ( I never wake a sleeping baby!). I cooked dinner for us, one of our favorites- cheeseburger macaroni and even made a yummy dessert I'd been wanting to try- chocolate chip pound cake...YUMM. Nothing like a little comfort food to lift your spirits.

Can I just say, it is SO fun having a girl, and dressing her up in all her clothes. I think my favorite part is picking out a bow to match every outfit.

I swear this child gets more beautiful everyday!!!

We don't really have any set plans this weekend, but I'm hoping we'll end up doing something fun!

April 10, 2012

Baby Blues

Ugh. That pretty much sums up how I feel lately. As I'm sitting here writing this, Graham is whining in his crib because he's been in there for about an hour and a half and still hasn't taken a nap, and I refuse to let him go all day without a nap. We went to my friend Traci's for a playdate this morning, and Graham passed out in the car on the way home. I put him straight to bed when we got in the house, but he had woken back up and hasn't fallen back asleep since... But Claire is asleep and I know if I get him up, he'll wake her up, and then I'll have to nurse her while he's climbing all over me. So, I'm praying he'll finally just fall asleep.

 At night they are both sleeping good, and I've been getting as much sleep as can be expected. Nursing has been an obstacle, though. If Claire's awake, she wants to be nursing. I'm feeding her on-demand and that translates into every 30 min  to every hour sometimes. Early, early this morning I swear I think I nursed her for over an hour on one side. We usually both fall back asleep during the night nursings. I was optimistic that nursing wouldn't be as painful the second time around, but I was wrong. It has been very painful. Her latch is good, but it hurts so freaking bad when she first latches on. I think my kids are "pirahna kids". They have a super vigrorous suck. Good for getting milk, not so good for me. I think I'm finally toughening up, though. I came down with mastitis on Friday but I caught it early so the anitibiotics have been doing their magic before it got bad.

Another thing is the house. It's fairly tidy, but I haven't been able to deep clean. I really need/ want to mop but I just don't have time. Ditto with vacuuming.  I think I'm going to buy a steam mop, I think I can mop in about 1/2 the time with one, and no dragging out the bucket and mop and cleaner every time. I also need to take my car to the car wash, and get it vacuumed. I hate having a dirty car.

Grocery shopping/cooking is another thing. I used to do my shopping on Monday's with Graham. Now Chad's been picking up odds and ends during the week and we've been doing the shopping together on the weekends. I just need to get back in the swing of cooking dinner. We've had so many sweet families from our church bring us dinner, so I've been spoiled. I can't think of anything to cook and I feel like we have none of my staples on hand, so it's hard to figure out dinner.

I really need to write thank-you notes for all the sweet gifts we recieved since we had Claire. During Graham's naps I do some laundry, nurse Claire and maybe try to get myself showered and dressed and then he's up again. I keep telling myself I'll do them when Chad is home, but at night all I want to do is spend a little time with Chad after Graham goes down and in between feedings and then I usually pass out on the couch nursing Claire.

I was telling Traci this morning, I just feel like everything annoys me right now. It's been hard adjusting to the fact that I can't do everything I used to do with just one kid. It was so nice carting Graham with me wherever I wanted to go. Shopping, grocery store, lunch, I could just take him with me. With two kids, everything is just more trouble than it's worth to get them both out the door and juggle them by myself, especially in between Claire's feedings. Another thing, is this girl spits up like nobody's business, just like her brother. I was hoping we'd dodge that bullet this time, but no such luck. I swear I change her 17 times a day. The laundry is ridiculous. I could do a load a day just with her clothes.

Speaking of clothes, I really need to do an inventory of my closet and clean it out. I feel like all I have are maternity clothes. I did try on a pair of pre-pregnancy jeans last night and could button them (yay!). I only have about 10ish pounds before I'm back to my pre-pregnancy weight, but I really want to be about 10 pounds lighter than that. Since I gained so much less this pregnancy, I'm anxious to see what I'll weigh when I wean Claire.

Another thing, I feel like such a frump. My fingernails and toe nails need to be done so badly. I need my eyebrows waxed, and it's already getting hot enough to wear shorts but I'm so pale, I can't. I want my teeth bleached, I want a tan. I just want a make-over, haha. I'm only 25!  I should still be in the prime of my looking good years. Pretty depressing.

The funny thing is, even though this post probably sounds like I'm having a hard time, I really feel like I'm doing much better than after I had Graham. With Graham, I had a lot of new-mom anxiety. I feel a lot more relaxed this time. I know I'll be back to normal soon, once my hormones level out.

I guess I probably should have been cleaning, figuring out dinner or working on those thank-you notes intead of writing this blog post. At least Graham finally went to sleep, and now it's about time to nurse Claire again.

I know this post has been super whiny, so I'll leave you with some pictures of the three loves of my life, who make it all worth it. I know how lucky I am.

April 9, 2012

Happy Easter!

 We went to Chad's parents for a steak lunch. The kids got Easter baskets from their grandparents, and Graham had a blast playing on their new deck. After we visited for a while, we headed to my parent's house to visit with Mer, Randall and the kids and dye Easter eggs.


We got the kids up, and gave them their Easter baskets, then rushed around to get ready for church. Graham apparently did not want to go to the nursery, so we ended up having both kids in the service with us, but surprisingly they were perfect angels!! After church, we headed to my parents house for Easter lunch and the kids did an Easter egg hunt. Chad's parents came over too, and we all spent the afternoon in the backyard by the pool.

Last night, one of our favorite people stopped by, Uncle Jake!! He hadn't met Claire yet, and was in town for Easter so he stopped by on his way back to Austin. We can already tell Claire will love Jake just as much as Graham does! :)

 Happy Easter!!!!