April 4, 2012

Life with Two

Well, it's been two weeks since we welcomed our sweet girl into the world, so I thought I would write about how it has been so far with TWO UNDER TWO! Before Claire was born, I was pretty nervous about having two kids. Chad and I both kept hearing how hard it was going from one to two kids, and our confidence was a little shaken. I could see it going two ways: One, she slips perfectly into our family and life goes on pretty much as it always has- albeit a little more busy and hectic... or two: the first several months being very hard, not getting any sleep and constantly at the end of our ropes.... Thankfully, so far it seems to be scenario #1.

 Claire is a really, really good baby. She never had her days and nights mixed up, she calms down almost immediately when she's picked up, she is eating well, sleeping well and is perfectly healthy. Another major concern we had was how Graham would react to her and sharing his attention. Again, we go so, so lucky. Graham looooves his sister. "Baby" is all he talks about. He wants to check on her if she's crying, does really good with not touching her (has thrown a couple of toys near her, but so far she has escaped unscathed), and his personality is pretty much the same as it has always been. He's been napping and sleeping like normal, and other than waking up when she cries, and getting up extra early a few mornings, it has been fine.

There have definitely been some hard moments with having two kids, though. The newborn and post-partum stage is always hard. Not only are you still recovering from childbirth, but your hormones have your mood going up and down, your not getting sleep, your trying to get the hang of nursing and all the pain and stress that goes with it, and your SO consumed with this tiny, brand-new little person. Is she eating enough? Is she having enough wet/dirty diapers? Is she breathing? Am I holding her enough? Letting her cry too much? I defintely feel like I'm doing better and feeling better much faster this time around, though. It's nice to feel like an old pro, and have confidence in your mothering skills. Physically, I'm recovering faster, too. I feel like nursing is getting easier much faster this time around, thank goodness. However, when I'm nursing Claire, all Graham wants to do is climb all over the couch, or get right up next to me, so I'm constantly fighting him off and trying to keep her latched (can you say OUCH?!).

Before Claire was born, I took Graham out for errands at least once a day, just to get out of the house. Now, we've been homebody's until Daddy gets home. It's hard just sitting around when I know there are several things I need to do: grocery shop, buy Spring/Summer clothes for Graham, buy Easter baskets and goodies for the kids, take Graham to get a haircut... I am going to attempt to take both kids to Old Navy this afternoon when Graham gets up from  his nap to get some clothes. Poor kid has one pair of shorts to his name and with it already being 80+ degrees, that's just not gonna work. I'll be sure to post how it goes with my first outting alone with both kids. :)

Graham woke up from his nap yesterday, and lined all his books up like this, too funny!
So far, Claire has fit perfectly right into our little family. I already can't believe there was a time she wasn't here. We are so blessed with two beautiful, healthy children and we don't take that for granted.


Christina said...

Good. I'm glad things have transitioned so well. It's fun having two, isn't it. I love to watch them interact with each other. We miss you guys. I wish we could come visit.

KatieH said...

I love love love the first picture. Graham's expression is hilarious!