April 19, 2012

Claire: 1 Month

How on Earth did that happen?! Seriously! It's already been a month since I gave birth to this angel?? We are so madly in love with this sweet girl it's ridiculous. There have been some hard moments this past month, but it has been so full of pure JOY. She is an absolute doll, and I am SO proud and privileged to call her my daughter.


-Can lift head really well! {Just like her big brother could}
-Sleeps 4-5 hours at a time at night {Waking up about 1-2 AM and again around 4 AM}
-Likes to ride in the car-when it's moving that is!
-Doesn't really take a pacifier
-Doesn't like to be in the swing for too long
-Loves to be held
-Nurses constantly- her little cheeks are getting some adorable chub!
-Wearing size newborn clothes still, 0-3 month are still a little big
-Wearing size newborn diapers
-Has an outtie belly button
-Likes the swaddle at night
- Likes the sound of the hair dryer, it calms her down when she's fussy
-Smiles in her sleep occasionally
-Still has her dark hair, hasn't lost any yet so far!

Happy One Month, Claire!! We love you so much.

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Christina said...

Awww...she is so cute! :-)