May 24, 2012

Claire: 2 Months

On Saturday Claire turned 2 months old! She really is looking less like a newborn and more like a baby everyday. That makes this mama happy and sad :( We had her two month well-check today, and she is looking perfect!! Right on target physically and developmentally. She even smiled at me after her shots, sweet girl. I cannot explain how much we all love this little sweetie pie. She's a bit of a mama's girl (mama's got the milk) so she isn't quite as happy if I'm not around. Last night I ran to the grocery and as I'm loading up the groceries in the car, I see Chad's text: U almost done?????? haha! Poor daddy- Claire cried the whole entire time he said!!! Poor girl!!! I was a little irritated that he didn't tell me she was upset... I would've hurried up more! I was taking my time, enjoying the alone time and had no idea my baby was upset :( Other than that, she is usually a happy, content baby!

-Sleeping at night usually from 10 pm- 4:30 am
-Eating about every 2-3 hours in the daytime. Feeding her on-demand so I don't really keep track of exactly how long she goes.
-Napping 3-4 times a day. Naps in her swing or in my arms mostly.
-Is a "happy spitter" but spits of a lot. Girlfriend always has a bib on her these days.
-Still doesn't like her paci all that much.
-Sleeps swaddled with her arms out at night. I mostly just swaddle her legs to keep her more warm. Our room is cold at night with the fan blowing.
-Started smiling last week!!! Has the most precious grin!!
-Wearing size 3 month clothes and size 1 dipes
-Loves to be held, and of course nursed
-Still has dark hair. Maybe has lost a little of it, but most of it is still there!!
-Likes to ride in the car, go on walks, and be outside
-LOVES her big brother, even when he accidentally plays too rough, she is already a tough little cookie!
-Not a fan of tummy time, but holds her head up really well, and can support her weight on both legs, just like her big brother could. Strong little babies! :)

{2 Month Stats}
Weight: 10 pounds, 8.3 oz. {38th %}
Height: 22.5 inches {53rd %}
Head Circumference: 14.57" {8th %}

I was surprised her head was so small in percentile, it looks porportional to me, and the doctor wasn't concerned. He said she looks healthy and perfect! :)


Christina said...

She sounds like such a fun baby. I'm glad everything is going so well. :-)

Thayn Family said...

Ohhh, Bren! She is so beautiful just like her mama. LOVE HER!!! xoxoxo