May 23, 2012

Family Resemblance?

I thought it was time to do a comparison of my kiddos.Quite a few people have said that Claire looks a lot like Graham, but almost all of them say they look more alike in pictures than in person. Sometimes, I definitely see a similarity, but I also think they look quite a bit different. Claire's skin has a much darker tone. She is my little olive-skinned baby. I just love her coloring, it's so beautiful! She also has dark hair, and more of it. When I was pregnant my sister always said she pictured Claire as a little brunette, and I did too!! Looks like we were right :) Graham's hair had fallen out a lot by this time, but she still has most of her hair, so maybe I won't have another baldy (not that I mind!! Bald babies are adorable). Claire's eyes are darker too, I think they may already be turning brown like her Mama and her Mimi's eyes. Graham's are hazel like his Daddy's and his Aunt Mer. I think their noses are different, too. Claire's is a little thinner and longer, but they both have adorable button noses. Claire is also a little longer in general, even her tiny little fingers are long. Their chin and mouths are very similar, though. They also both have those big, bright eyes. What do you think? Are they the spitting image of each other or polar opposites?
Either way, they are both absolutely perfect in my eyes!!!
{Claire 5 days old}

{Graham 2 weeks old}

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