May 10, 2012

Playing Catch-Up

Well, it's definitely harder to find time to blog now that I'm a mama of 2!! Claire is still feeding on demand, and napping sporatically (mainly in my arms), and in the evenings Chad has been using the computer for work, so I haven't had much time to blog. Thankgoodness for iPhones or I would feel completely cut off from the world, HA!

Anyway, things over here are going pretty good. Claire is growing like a weed! I am pretty sure she is weighing 10+ pounds. She will be 2 months old next week (crazy!!!) So I will do an update on her then. She is doing really good, though. Today is a rare day that she is actually napping without me holding her. I waited until she was good and asleep and have her propped in the boppy on the bed next to me.

Graham will be TWO in less than a month, and you sure can tell!! The infamous terrible two's are upon us. Don't get me wrong, he is still a happy, adorable and hilarious kid, but he sure knows how to let you know when he's not getting his way. Tantrums are a regular occurance, but thankfully they are still pretty short-lived. We are trying hard to teach him manners, and to say "No, thank you" when he doesn't want something, as opposed to flailing his arms wildly and screaming "NO!!!!" Let's just say it's a work in progress ;) We have been busy working on his 2nd birthday party, which will be a lot more low-key this year... that's the plan, anyway. At least there will only be 1 party this year! Haha! Of course, the theme will be Mickey Mouse. Graham can't get enough of "Me" (Mickey) as he say's. :)

Graham dropped his morning nap last week, so we've been keeping busy with playdates and outside time. Yesterday we had 3 two year olds and two babies here. It was fun and LOUD! Graham passed out in his high chair eating lunch, haha :) His other number one favorite these days, going to the "Par!!" (Park) We go to the park nearly every day. It's nice because Graham wears himself out for his nap most of the time. I'm trying to get in as much outside time as possible before it gets too hot. It's already in the mid to upper 80's most days and soooo humid. NOT looking forward to the heat of the summer. We took the kids to the Zoo this past weekend,  and it was so fun, but so hot! Graham had a blast. Especially because he's really into animals and animal noises right now. I'll do a separate post about the Zoo trip.

the boys using the trash can as a drum!

Playing hard is rough work!

Mother's Day is Sunday, so we have lots of plans for family time this weekend. Looking forward to a nice weekend celebrating the Mama's in our lives!!

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Christina said...

You kids are so cute! Sounds like you guys are doing well. I can't wait to see pictures of Graham 's birthday. :-)