May 24, 2012

Southern Sweet Tea

One of my favorite things about the south is sweet tea, especially in the summer. Well, this southern girl can't make iced tea to save her life. Until recently, whenever I've made attempted to make iced tea, it's been way too weak. Pretty much just brown water. Eww. My dear friend (and photographer of all our recent family pictures), Amber came to visit last month, and when I offered her something to drink, she chose the "tea" I had made. I warned her it wasn't very good, and she agreed (in the sweetest way possible) that, in fact, it was a little weak. She then told me her new mother-in-law makes the best sweet tea and decided to share the recipe with me! She gave me a quick lesson, and it turned out perfect! I've made several delicous jugs of sweet tea since! I'm sure I'm probably the only southern girl with this problem, but I'll share the recipe anyway :) There were just a few simple tricks I didn't know about that made all the difference.

Southern Sweet Tea:
Take one medium pot of cold water filled almost to the top.
Bring pot of water to a rolling boil.
Turn off heat, and remove pot from heat.
Place 3 tea bags (I use Luzianne's decaffeinated family-size) in water
Let steep for 15 minutes.
While tea is steeping, fill a large jug about 3/4 full of ice.
After 15 minutes, remove tea bags.
Pour 1 cup of sugar in the hot pot of tea, and stir. (the hot tea will dissolve the sugar)
Pour pot of tea in jug with ice.
No need to add water, as the ice will melt and also cool the tea.
Pour over a glass with ice and enjoy!!!

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