June 27, 2012

Life Lately...

I'm not gonna lie, the past 2 going on 3 weeks have not been the best. First of all, Graham came down with a virus. 2 weeks ago, Graham woke up from his nap and felt really hot, and sure enough he had a fever. He had been fine that morning, but layed around the rest of the afternoon and you could just tell he didn't feel good. I set him up with his pillow, bear and blankie on the couch and he kept dozing on and off the whole afternoon.

That night he ended up in our bed, and his fever spiked to almost 104. I debated whether to take him to the after-hours clinic, but we were able to get it down pretty quickly so I just waited until the morning to take him into the doctor. Not only did he have fever, but he had a spot on his arm which we had been thinking was a bug bite, but kept looking worse and worse. Turns out it was impetigo (I'd never heard of it before, but Chad's mom had mentioned that's what it could be.) Thankfully it was super treatable, and he only had that one spot.
 I think a insect or mosquito bite caused it. He had been at a pool party the weekend before, so I'm thinking bacteria somehow got in the bite and caused the infection. It cleared up after a couple of days of a topical cream and oral antibiotics. His doctor thinks the fever was an unrelated virus.

That was Wednesday and Thursday. Then on Friday, I came down with mastitis again. I was in a lot of pain and couldn't lift my arm all the way, so I took Claire with me to my Ob/gyn and Chad watched Graham. I got on antibiotics and it cleared up pretty quickly. Father's day was on Sunday,  and thankfully I had already bought cards for Chad earlier in the week. We stayed home from church, but ran to Sears and Chad got an electric drill he had been wanting, then we grabbed some mexican food for lunch and just took it easy the rest of the day.

Monday Chad and I started not feeling good, and Claire got a little cough. I took Claire to the doctor and she just had a little cold, no fever and she's pretty much already over it. Chad and I felt pretty crappy the rest of the week and I'm still not feeling back to 100% but we never got that sick.

So for the past few weeks we've been so couped up in the house, and it's been hard! Graham only napped for an hour yesterday and Monday and has been fighting going to bed at night and waking up eary, like around 6. It's brutal. Naps keep me sane, so I'm hoping it's a short phase. Yesterday, I was going crazy, so I decided we had to get out of the house for a little while. I drove to Target, and Claire cried the whole way, so I ended up nursing her in the car when we got there. Then she had a huge blowout and I had no change of clothes for her, so we ended up turning around and going home. We never even made it inside, so basically I drove all the way to Target to nurse in the parking lot! We went home, then Chad watched the kids while I ran to Kroger for the groceries. We had both had a stressful day, so needless to say we were not in the best of moods. Graham fought going to bed last night, too. Not fun. I feel like Claire needs to get on a schedule, too. I really need to get a baby monitor for her room so she can start napping in there. I also think I'm going to get black out shades for both her and Graham, so maybe that will keep him alseep longer.
Not only have we been fighting sickness, but both Chad's grandmother and Chad's mom had surgery recently. Chad's grandmother (Maw) had her gallbladder removed. There were a few complications after the surgery, but she is doing really well now. Chad's mom had out-patient surgery Monday morning to correct a problem with her disc in her back. She's doing good too. My parents have been in Europe for the past 12 days, but they got home safe and sound Sunday evening. We got to have dinner with them Monday night and catch up, so that was nice. Other than a pick pocket incident, they had a good trip. Anyway,  a lot has been happening all at once, and I'm ready for life to get back to normal!!

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Christina said...

Sick kiddos are no fun especially when you are too. Hopefully everyone is better now.