June 5, 2012

Graham's Mickey Mouse Party!

Saturday evening, we had our family and friends over for Graham's Mickey Mouse extravaganza. We had been talking to him all week about his Mickey Mouse birthday party, and how he was going to get presents, play with his friends  and get a mickey-mouse tay-tay (G's word for cake). I think he kind of knew what was going on, so that was fun. I planned the party for 5:00 pm, so he would be able to have a good nap, and we would have the day to get ready. I had to clean the entire house and decorate for the party the same day, so we started the day bright and early. Everything worked out though, and we were ready for everyone to arrive by 5!

I really wanted to try and keep it as simple as I could this year, since we had a newborn in the house and I knew I wouldn't be able to go all-out, but it still turned out super cute and really fun! A big thanks to my friend Katie who lent me her Mickey Mouse party decorations from her son's 1st birthday last year. That was SUCH a lifesaver!!! I just had to pick up a few things at Party City and the dollar store, then ordered Graham's cake from HEB, and that was it! Nice and simple :)

{The invitations, ordered from Etsy}

The main event for the party was the bounce house we got for Graham! It was perfect, in great condition and the kids LOVED it!!! Great investment in my opinion :) That was our present to Graham for his party, but we are planning to order a playground for the backyard. Graham LOVES going to the park, but it is a mile from our house, so it will be so nice to have a playset in the backyard.

All in all, a fun and successful 2nd birthday party for Graham!!!! :)

 The next morning, the bouce house was still here, so we blew it up and let Graham jump for a while before heading to get donuts. He had his birthday donut and we sang him happy birthday at exactly 9:59 AM (the time he was born).

Happy birthday, Graham!!!!! We love you!!!!!


Jalei & Lane said...

Very cute. I especially love the Mickey Mouse heads made of Styrofoam balls.

Lindsay said...

:( It was such a fun party, and you did SO great with all the decor! Love little Gra-man. :) Can u email me the pic of Reese, NIcole & I and the one of Reese and I? I love them! I look prettier than I actually am in real life, so I want to have them. LOL. Love u! So sorry we are missing lunch today, but I think I made the right decision b/c Reese has been sleeping all morning. Must not feel up to par!

Christina said...

Adorable party. Graham looks so happy! :-)