June 3, 2012


{One minute old}

{1 year old}
{2 years old}

Happy 2nd birthday, Graham!!!! Two years ago at exactly 9:59 am, you came into our lives and we were forever changed. I truly can't believe it's been two years since you were born. We are beyond thankful for you. You are my dream come true, and no matter how big you get, you will always be my sweet baby. We love you more each day, Graham. Thank you Lord, for our precious son!!!!


-You are talking up a storm! Your favorite word is "No!" but you also are very polite.
-You say "thank-you" at the right times, and "Sorry, Mama" "Sorry, Daddy" Sorry, Baby" after you throw a fit or do something that hurts.
-You LOVE Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (You call it Mi Mi"), Disney's Earth, (You'll say "Mama!! Oooh Oooh (monkey noise), and do the elephant noise when you want to watch that :) )
-You are getting to be a little pickier with eating. You call anything crunchy (chips, cereal, cookies) "Coo Coo" and you call dessert "Tay Tay"
-You call bananas "Naner"
-You LOVE to play at the playground "Par" for park and you LOVE to go outside "Side"
-You are so sweet, you come up and give us kisses all the time, or come and sit by us and lay your little head on our shoulders. You are a cuddle bug!
-You are the best big brother and you LOVE your baby sister!! You call her "baby" and you check on her if she's crying, give her sweet kisses all the time, and want to see her first thing in the morning.
-You are still a Mama's boy. You love your mama, and your mama loves you!
-You love your daddy too, of course :) You call him "Da-eee" like daddy with out the two d's.
-You love being chased, tickled and roughed up, but you will say "No, Da-ee!!!" when you've had enough!
-You are starting to sing, and when we're in the car, I'll hear you repeat some of the words
-You are such a HAM!  You love attention, and you are always putting on a show.
-You are starting to know when you need your diaper changed.
-You LOVE milk "Mill"
-You like going "bye-bye!!" When we're in the house all day, you'll run up to me with your shoes and go "Mama! Bye-Bye!"
-You understand pretty much everything we say, or tell you to do.
-You are starting to repeat everything!
-You love the pool, and love to jump off the side into our arms.
-You do so many cute things, and I love seeing you run around the house.
-You are still obsessed with your blue bear "Bear" and your paci "Pah" You have to have them everywhere, around the house, in the car, but especially at night
-You love taking your bath. After dinner you'll say "Bath!"
-You love to try on shoes, all of them! Mine, daddy's, and yours!
-You are so sweet, kind-hearted and loving.

We love you SO MUCH!!!!!! Happy 2nd birthday, Graham!!!!!!!!

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