July 5, 2012

Charlotte's 3rd Birthday

This post is only about a month late.... ;) The  weekend after Graham's birthday, we traveled to Austin to celebrate our precious niece's 3rd birthday!!! It was an adorable mermaid-themed pool party. Graham just adores his cousin, and I think the feeling is mutual :) Charlotte is pretty crazy about Claire, too! (She now nurses her baby dolls after she saw Aunt B nursing baby Claire) Haha!! We had a great time visiting my sister and her family, as always. Claire's first road trip was a success!!! On the way there she slept from driveway to driveway! We didn't get a ton of sleep with the 4 of us sharing a queen-sized bed, but whatchya gonna do?! :P Overall a fun time was had by all!!!

The party princess!

Love my sis!! :)

Claire napped on and off for most of the festivites

Love those little floaties on him!

{SUCH a Charlotte face!} LOVE this girl!!!
On the way home to Houston on Sunday, we made a little detour and stopped to visit my Grandaddy. He lives in a nice assisted living place near my Aunt and Uncle. He will be 88 in October and has Alzheimer's. We don't get to see him as often as we would like, and he has a hard time remembering us these days. He was really excited to see us, though! It was only his 2nd time to see Graham, and his first time to meet Claire. His memory comes and goes, so he would get us mixed up a lot, and I think it was hard for him to understand that Graham and Claire are his great-grandchildren, but he really enjoyed seeing us, nonetheless. :) I wish we lived closer, and got a chance to see him more. I am really glad that we got to stop by. He is in otherwise good health, but it is sad to see him struggling with remembering.

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