July 5, 2012

Random Catch-Up

Claire and Daddy on Sunday evening while I watched The Help :)

A daddy pyramid! Trying to keep the babies occupied while I cook dinner

Graham's new trick

Having some daddy/daughter  tummy-time

We planted this gardenia plant by our front door a little while back. My parents backyard has a big gardenia bush, and the
smell always reminds me of home :)

It's doing pretty good so far, despite the heat. The blooms smell amazing!

This little Miss rolled over for the first time last week!!! She rolled from tummy to back and then...

on Friday she rolled from back to tummy, several times!!!

Yay!!! Such a strong girl!! I can't believe she is already rolling both ways.
She is growing way too fast! :(

Baby loves her some bathtime!

Graham likes to watch Daddy leave in the morning

Does it get any cuter?? He is becoming such a big boy!

Caught this gorgeous sunset the other day

Texas has the best sunsets. I love that we have such a good view from both our backyard
and front yard.

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