August 28, 2012

New York Trip

We had such a great time on our trip! We left on August 16th, our flight was at 10:15, so we arrived in New York around 2:30. We got to the airport in plenty of time, so we grabbed some breakfast before our flight, picked up a magazine ( I should have gotten 2 or 3, because there were no TV's on our plane) and got to our gate right on time.

{Chad was tying up some loose ends for work while waiting for breakfast}
We had never flown with our kids before, so I was a little nervous as to how she would do. I had always heard to nurse your baby during take-off and landing to help their ears pop, so that's what I did. The flight was smooth, and she did great!! There was a super sweet older lady next to us, who chatted with us, and even held Claire for a bit! She has 2 grandchildren of her own, and is from New York, so she had some tips for us, too :) Our flight got in early, and while we were at baggage claim, we ran into the mother of a guy Chad used to play baseball with! She had been on our flight, too funny! We hopped in a cab, and headed to Kirby and Jerry's apartment in Brooklyn.

Thank goodness for GPS on iPhones, because our cab driver had no clue where he was going. We made it to their apartment, though. I didn't take any pictures of their aparment! :( But, we unloaded all our baggage and washed up before heading out to the subway to go into Manhattan to meet Kirby and Jerry at Kirby's office after work for dinner. Kirby took us up to her office, where she works at an advertising agency and introduced us to her co-workers. ( I think they really all wanted to meet Miss Claire ;) She had a surprise for us when Kirby picked her out of her carseat... a huge blowout all over her clothes!!! Ugh!!! They graciously let us use the conference room table to clean her up, and everyone still thought she was adorable. :) After that, we headed to dinner in Madison Square Park for burgers at the Shake Shack.


The line was super long, but we got to visit, so we didn't mind :) We snagged a table, and Kirby, Claire and I had to fight off people trying to steal Chad and Jerry's seats while they were in line...people in New York are so much pushier than here in good 'ole Texas! Anyway, we had a delicous dinner, and then Jerry had to run to his boss' birthday party, so Kirby, Chad, Claire and I toured a little of the city and walked to the subway to go back to their apartment.
That night, Kirby and I stayed up late talking, and so did the boys! We all woke up late (well, as late as you can with a 5 month old) and then went into the city to eat lunch at 2nd Avenue Deli to have some real New York sandwiches.

Then, we walked to the commuter boats and rode to Wall Street. We saw Trump Tower, and window shopped at Tiffany's

Claire tried to talk Daddy into getting her something, but no dice. :(

We stopped into a little cafe so I could nurse Claire, and then we headed back to Brooklyn for dinner.

We ate at a tiny little Italian restaurant and then headed home. The next day was Saturday, and we had to check into our hotel, so we called a cab and we all went to our hotel, and then grabbed breakfast nearby.

After breakfast, we went to SoHo and did some shopping, we went to Dash since I love Keeping Up With the Kardashians, and H&M and MadeWell. I got the cutest clothes for the kids at H&M! Claire needed some down time, so we went back to the hotel before dinner, but she ended up falling asleep, so we told Kirby and Jerry to go ahead and eat, and we would just grab a late dinner.  

I really wanted to go the West Village, and Chad had never seen Greenwich Village, so I googled good restaurants near there, and we ended up at The Waverly Inn. It was delicous, and very small. They didn't mind that we brought Claire, though, and she slept all through dinner, without a peep!! It must've helped that the restaurant was only lit by candles on the tables, and it was fairy quiet. It worked out so perfect. After dinner, we wandered around until we caught a cab back to our hotel.
But not before we found the stoop where Carrie Bradshaw lived, so me and Claire snapped a quick pic :)

It was a great night! Claire slept all night long, too. She was one worn out girl!!!

The next morning, Chad and I took Claire for a stroll through Central Park; it was very close to our hotel. We wandered around and then Kirbs and Jer met us for brunch. After the most delicous banana pancakes, we headed back through Central Park towards FAO Schwarz to pick up some presents for the kids.


We got Claire her very first Barbie, and Graham a Lego set since he is obsessed with "playing blocks" right now.

After FAO Shwarz, Claire was hungry, so we ducked into another Trump building (we saw about 3 while we were there) and I nursed Claire at the Starbucks upstairs. Then we headed to the East Village so the guys could go to this bar Jerry wanted to take Chad to. The girls went to a cafe down the street and had an appetizer and drinks ;) Then we headed to grab some pizza before calling it a night. We hated to say goodbye to Kirby and Jerry, but we had a great time!!! After we got a cab back to our hotel, we tried to go to Serendipity for a late dessert, but it was an hour wait, and Claire needed to get some rest, so we went home.
The next morning, before our flight, we got up early and headed to Times Square, ducked into the Disney store to pick up shirts for the kids, and then walked to Rockefeller Center. We thought about waking up to go to the Today Show, but we were too tired. I kind of wish we would have, though. It would have been fun.

We did end up getting to see a taping of Access Hollywood with Billy Bush, he was interviewing Savannah Gutherie. It was so neat!!!

 After that, we caught a cab back to our hotel, and ate lunch before heading to the airport. Our flight came in a little late, but we were so happy to be home, and to see Graham! He did awesome with my parents, and my mom said he was talking about us coming to see him all day, and what his present would be, haha!
We called everyday to check on him, and even did facetime a few times. He was pretty much too busy for us though, and had a great time being spoiled by Mimi and Papa. He loved his blocks, and and was happy to have us home, I think :)
It was a great trip!!!!

August 27, 2012

Claire: 5 Months

This is just over a week late, but our beautiful Claire turned 5 months on the 19th!! She got to spend her 5 month birthday in the Big Apple, lucky girl :) I will post about our New York trip soon (she did awesome!!!), but I have to catch up on this sweetie pie first! I don't think much has changed from last month. I recently went back and read Graham's monthly updates, and he changed the most around 7 months. I am getting closer to wanting to start putting her on a consistent napping schedule, and we moved the video monitor to her room. She still hasn't slept in her crib yet, but I want to start putting her down for naps in there. That's the goal for this month, I guess.

Here's what Claire is up to this month:
-Still exclusively nursing about every 2.5-3 hours
-Still doesn't take a paci much
-Still swaddled at night with hands out
-Rolling very well. She's super fast!
-Naps in her swing, in my arms or in the carseat (About 3 naps a day)
-Sleeps from 10-5am, then nurses while sleeping until we wake up. She would definitely sleep in late if it wasn't for her  big brother!
-Starting to drool more.
-Such a happy girl! She laughs and smiles all the time, especially at her big brother!
-Loves getting tickled, taking baths, being held
-She likes to sit in her bouncy and watch praise baby
-Loves the excersaucer and her playmat
-Her hair is coming back in, I think it may be a little lighter than when she was born, but it's still brown
-Sitting well in the bumbo
-Likes her new Baby Bjorn
-Wearing size 2 diapers
-Wearing size 3-6 and 6 month clothes
-Her sweet little legs are getting more rolls, love it!!!! :)
-This girl can TALK!!! She loves squealing, yelling, growling, and babbling! Trying to be heard over her big brother? Possibly. ;)

{This one cracks me up, I took it before I noticed the spit up!} ;)

Happy 5 month birthday, sweet girl!!!!!