August 2, 2012

Graham's Big Boy Bed {And Other Updates}

Well, I have a lot of catching up to do, but this is the most important part: About two weeks ago, Graham all of the sudden stopped sleeping good. The culprit seemed to be his 2 year molars coming in. Our boy does NOT do good with teething generally, but this time it was worse because he started climbing out of his crib! When that started, we knew we had to move him to a twin bed, because his crib doesn't convert to a toddler bed.
{Graham playing on his mattress while we took down his crib
and set up his big boy bed}

My parents have a trundle bed they don't use, so Chad went and picked it up, just so we'd have a bed to test out that was still low to the ground. We had several rough nights, and for the first few days, we ended up just caving and letting Graham sleep with us. After about a week though, and after talking to the pediatrician, we decided we had to bite the bullet and just let him cry and not let him into our room. It was hard! I hate hearing him cry, and I knew he just wanted us to be in there with him. He would just sit at the door calling for me :( We also got him a few extra things to make the transiton easier: A guard for the side of his bed, a CD player to play soft lullabies while he's drifting off, and I set up his bed with all his favorite stuffed animals. We tried to make it a fun thing, and talk up his "Big Boy Bed" too.

{He is obsessed with blocks! He always wants me to "play blocks, mama!"}

It took several nights, but it is finally paying off. He still sometimes falls asleep by his door, but he is doing much better. He sleeps in his bed for naps, too. Last Friday ( July 20th) was the first night he slept in his bed all night long, so we took him to Bouncing Bears on Saturday for a special treat! He had a blast, and my parents even met us up there. Afterward we all grabbed some lunch at the barbecue restaraunt near by, so that was fun too.

{Still adores his sister! The feeling is definitely mutual :)}

This week, I went ahead and ordered his bedding for his twin bed. That should come in next week, so that will be fun. I am still sticking with the nautical theme, and I have found so many cute ideas on Pinterest for his room. I think it will slowly come together.

{DIY Chalkboard Table...thinking I could do it with a cheap Ikea table}

{Graham's Bedding-Restoration Hardware Baby & Child}

{DIY Pallet Bookshelf... genius!}

{Fisherman Lamp- Pottery Barn Kids}

In other news, we have been busy!! This past weekend, we went to Galveston for the day on Sunday. My parents, my sister and her family rented a condo for a few days, so we got to go up for the day and play on the beach. Graham had an absolute blast! No eating sand this year, yay! (At least on purpose, anyway) Claire and I pretty much hung out under the tarp with my mom. I am such a bad mom and didn't get a single picture of Claire's first time at the beach!! :( Oh, well. She didn't really get in the water or anything, so maybe next time.
{Enjoying a popsicle}

{We took down the excersaucer for Claire, but Graham seems to think it's for him!
Look at those legs! Ha!}

Last night after dinner, we went and grabbed some frozen yogurt. Graham liked dessert, but he loved running around outside even more. He is so funny, he will go up to any kids and just start playing with them. He isn't shy at all, and he loves playing with other kids. He also had fun just running around the giant oak tree, and didn't even cry when he took a few spills. :) I swear this kid about 5 bruises on his head right now. I'm starting to worry that strangers will think we are child abusers! He is such a rough and tumble BOY.

Other than that, we've just been hanging out around the house. I need to get Claire on a schedule and do more outside time with the kids. It's just so hot, I don't want them to get overheated. 
We met my friend Nicole and her little boy at the outlets on Tuesday, and I swear we all just about died from the heat. I did get Claire some adorable clothes from Baby Gap, though! She is almost grown out of her 3 month clothes, so I picked up some on sale 3-6 month clothes.

{Graham decided Claire needed some stuffed animals to keep her company}

This morning, me and the kids went grocery shopping and stocked up. It feels so good to have a fridge and pantry full of food. We also had our carpets cleaned this week, and they look so good. Graham had spilled coffee in the living room recently, so we decided to go ahead and have them steam cleaned. So there you go, a little update on what's been going on with us!

{Sophie is a hit!}

I also just finished the new Emily Giffin book, Where We Belong and it was so good! I love all of her books, and I may go back and read her last two, Love the One You're With and Heart of the Matter again. If you've never read her books, you should check them out, they're the best!

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Christina said...

Good I am glad he has adjusted to the big boy bed. Garek is still stuck in the crib and really wants to sleep in his brothers bed. Maybe we will have to make the transition soon too.