August 23, 2012

Parent Commitment Night

Both of the kids are napping (at the same time!!!) so I am going to take advantage and try to catch up on a little blogging! 2 weeks ago, we had the kids dedicated to our church. It worked out nicely that we were able to do both of them at the same time. It was a nice service, despite the fact that Graham was acting up a little, and Claire got hungry while we were waiting for our name to be called. When they called our name, we headed up to the front of the sanctuary, where they had huge pictures of the kids, and said they're full name with the meaning. Graham means: one of power, and Claire: filled with light. We were then presented with a Bible for each of the children, and spoke to the pastor for a minute. Then we were excused to the recpetion, where we visited with our sweet families who came out to celebrate the kids. :)

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