September 19, 2012

Claire: 6 Months

Claire is 1/2 a year old, and I honestly can't believe it!!!! How on earth did that happen?!? On one hand, it feels like we just got home from the hospital, but on the other hand, it seems impossible that 6 short months ago, we hadn't even met her yet!! This time has flown by, but I am so proud of all that we have accomplished these past 6 months.

First of all, we made it to 6 months exclusively nursing!!!! Claire has not had one drop of formula, rice cereal, oatmeal or anything besides mama's milk for her first 6 months of life. I am so thrilled and feel so accomplished to have made it to this goal!!! It was definitely not always an easy road. Two cases of mastitis, many weeks of pain, lots of sacrifce and determination got us to the point where we are now. But we did it! I have sustained my baby girl's life on the milk my body makes alone, and that is such an amazing thing to me. I am so glad I was able to give that gift to both of my children. I am excited now to start her on oatmeal, and baby food! I can't wait to see how she likes it, and I plan on continuing to nurse as long as I can, hopefully we will make it to a year!

Incredibly, Chad and I have survived our first 6 months as parents of  2 kids 2 and under ;) There have been many sleepless nights (mainly due to Graham, haha), we are always busy with one of them, it's hard to find a minute to spend with eachother (let alone to ourselves) but it has gone so much better than we were anticipating. We have defnitely had moments where we have been overwhelmed and exhausted, but 90% of the time, things are running smoothly and we have found our groove as a family of four. And seeing our two babies make eachother laugh and watching the bond they are creating? It's nothing short of amazing.
And most importantly, Claire is a happy, healthy, growing girl!! She is such a good, sweet natured baby. As long as mama and her milk are around. :) Everyone who meets her just can't get over what a calm, happy baby she is! We seriously hit the jackpot. Every day I see more of her little personality shine through, and I can't wait to watch her change and grow in the next 6 months. She is sitting up with support now, and we took down the pack n' play a few weeks ago, and she likes to hang out in there with her toys. Praise Baby DVD always calms her down, and she still likes her swing most of the time. She is talking up a storm, taking her paci more, and is still swaddled with her arms out at night. She is napping in her crib more and more, but still in our room at night. Last night I felt her gums, and was shocked to find that her first tooth had popped through!!! I had no idea she was even teething! She hasn't really been up at night, just drooling a lot. It's her bottom right tooth. Graham was an awful teether, so I was shocked that we didn't know! She has yet to get sick, other than a stuffy nose. This morning, Graham and I took Claire to the doctor for her 6 month check up, she was weighed, measured and got 3 shots. She's still petite, but she's on the longer side. Everyone is always commenting on how long her legs are, lucky girl :)

Her 6 Month Stats:
Weight: 14.7 pounds (21%) she has doubled her birth weight plus 5 oz. Yay!!
Height: 26 inches (61%)
Head Circumference: 16 inches (23%)

This afternoon, I baked a cake for Claire's 1/2 birthday! Any excuse for cake, right? :) I made a chocolate chip bundt cake from a pinterest recipe I've been wanting to try, and it was delicious. The cake didn't turn out quite as pretty as I wanted, but it still tasted good. We sang happy birthday to our girl (Graham knew all the words by the way, and was singing before we even lit the candle!!). Claire was a little tired and cranky this evening from her shots, and had a low grade fever, so after the cake, she and I called it a night and snuggled in bed until she fell asleep. :)

Happy 6 months, Claire!!!
We are so blessed to have you, and we love you more every day!!!!! 


Kortni said...

She is just too precious! I love that you made her a cake. What great memories you are making for your family!!

The Bryan Family said...

So precious!!!

Jalei & Lane said...

Both of your kids are just darling!

Christina said...

Cute cake idea. Claire is so darn cute! I love that picture of her laughing. Adorable.