September 6, 2012

First Day of School!

This morning was pretty exciting... Graham's first day of Mother's Day Out!! It was kind of a last minute decision to put him in it. We signed up Tuesday and somehow they had 2 spots still available (Graham's BFF Tripp got to take the other spot, they are in rooms next to eachother!) I was rushing around like a mad woman yesterday to get everything together!
(Graham's 1st packed lunch! I packed it up last night,
 I didn't expect to get choked up packing a lunch... that's motherhood for you!
I made him a PB&J sandwich, cut up string cheese, carrot sticks, mixed berries, animal crackers, a juice box and milk. Yes, a lot of food, but I didn't want him going hungry!) ;)

We headed to Target first thing in the morning to get Graham his nap mat, back pack & lunchbox, some new shoes, then had to get the Statement of Health form signed from his doctor, and get his haircut for his first day! Whew!! We somehow managed to get it all done, and dropped him off this morning at 9. He will be going every Thursday from 9-2. I think he will have so much fun!

I really decided to do it for several reasons: so he could get some more active time during the week, and so he could get time with other kids his age, and time away from mommy to prepare him for Pre-K and (gasp!) Kindergarten!!! :( :( :( How did my little baby boy get BIG?!?!? He has really been liking the nursery during church lately, and his teachers always tell us how good, smart and helpful he is, so I think he is ready! :)

(Daddy got to go with us for the big drop off! )
Graham cried when we dropped him off, but before we left, we peeked in and he was already busy playing. I know he will have a blast, and I wish I could see what he was doing today! I told Chad that, and he said, "well, you could stick a camera on his head..." Haha! I already can't wait to pick him up, but I think it will be nice to get a little break, and some one-on-one time with Claire.
Also, a special shout-out to Chad's Dad, it's his birthday today!!!
 Happy birthday, Paw!! We love you so much!!!

(Paw with his mini-me, Graham!)


Jonathan, Amy, Addison, Bennett, and Garrett said...

Graham will have so much fun at MDO, my kids have always loved going! Have fun with your sweet little girl.

Christina said...

Cute pictures. I am sure he is going to have so much fun! :-)