September 14, 2012

The Start of Fall

Last weekend we had our first fall "cool front" come through, and it was glorious!!! You could actually step outside without breaking into a sweat. Saturday morning we decided to go to Starbucks, where I got my first pumpkin spice latte of the season :) and then we headed to a local park. Graham was in heaven, poor kid hasn't been to a park in a while. It's just been too hot!!! We were all more than ready for some cooler weather.

It's hard to get a good pic of this kid these days... anytime I pull out the camera all I hear is
"No, no cheese, Mama!!!" In a full-blown yell!!
Claire on the other hand is still a good little subject :)
 We came home, Chad mowed the lawn, I cleaned the kitchen and did some organzing, ran to Academy and Target as a family and then had Chinese take-out for dinner.
Sunday we went to church and then to our friends The Maker's for the first Texans game of the season! It was just 4 of us couples, and Graham, Claire and Kelley and Jared's son, Corbin. G and Corbin had a good time playing, and Claire had fun spitting up everywhere, poor girl :( I felt so bad, she nearly got everyone, plus the carpet and couch!!!

That afternoon I even got to sneak away for a mani/pedi in a fall color. :)

 On Monday the weather was still nice, so I tried to take advantage, and we spent lots of time in the backyard, and even had a picnic lunch outside!

On Thursday while Graham was at MDO, Claire and I hit up HL for some fall items, and some ribbon for a Halloween ribbon wreath I've been wanting to make, via Pinterest, of course. :)
After we picked up Graham from Mother's Day Out, I took the kids to Target to get a few groceries and we also ended up picking up some cute Halloween decorations. Graham loved the Halloween section, he kept saying "Mama! Halloween house!" because they had a spooky house hung up over the Halloween section. He was running around, and I was showing him all the costumes and funny Halloween decorations. We ended up getting a doormat, a fake pumpkin for another craft, some spooky dish towels, a big light up spider web for the porch, some pumpkin candles, a cauldron and a cute little witches broom! They had some super cute stuff, and good prices to boot!
(I'll do a post soon with all our fall/halloween decorations!)
The only downside: it was pouring after we checked-out, so we had to wait it out for a bit in the cafe section with our cart full of stuff, ha ha.

I'm so glad today is Friday, for some reason it has seemed like a long week! We had a hectic morning (including coffee being spilled on our carpet my a certain little 2 year old), so we went for a late morning walk. The picture is when we got home. Two tired babies! It killed me to have to wake them up to go inside!!
I'm looking forward to the weekend, we have 3 parties we are planning on going to! The fall season is always busy and so much fun!!


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