October 10, 2012

70 Days Until...

We visit the happiest place on Earth!!!

That's right, we booked our very first Disney World family vacation!!!!! We leave on December 19th, and we can't wait! I better get my act together and start my Christmas shopping early this year ;) We are going with my parents and my sister and her family. Chad, my parents, my sister and I have all only been to Disney World once! It will be so neat to go during Christmas, and I just booked our tickets for Mickey's Merry Christmas Parade. I've always dreamed about the day we would take our kids to Disney World and I can't wait to see the look on Graham's face. Claire, of course will be too young to know what's going on, so we will just have to go back in a few years. I still plan on getting plenty of pictures of her with the Princesses, though ;)
 Only 70 days to go!!!

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Lindsay said...

Yayyyyy!!!!!! Y'all are going to have so much fun!