October 24, 2012

Chad's 27th

On the 16th, Chad turned 27!!! We were in Dallas for the big day, because Chad had meetings for work and we tagged along to be with him on his b-day. The weekend before his birthday, we celebrated early by going on a date night to Shoguns for dinner and Peli Peli for drinks and dessert. It was so fun! We are so lucky that both of our parents are almost always willing and able to watch the kids when we need a night to ourselves. :) Earlier that week, we also went to Chad's parents for dinner (Chili and chocolate cake birthday cake) to celebrate.

The birthday boy!!!

Claire with her Aunt Kara

Graham climbed in the high chair all by himself, we looked over and saw him like this,
all ready for some cake!! Doesnt' he look huge?!?

Claire looks so big!!! Why are my kids growing up so fast?!
Happy Birthday, Babe!!!!
We love you and are so thankful for you, and all you do for our little family!!! 

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