October 11, 2012

Charlotte's Visit

A couple of weeks ago, our sweet niece (my sister's daughter) spent the day with us. My parents were keeping her while Meredith & Randall went New Orleans for the weekend. Since my mom had to run the office (my Dad owns an Insurance Agency) she asked if I could keep Charlotte that Friday. Of course, we said we'd love to! Graham and Char had the best time playing. We played in the backyard, went for a walk, ate a picnic lunch in the living room, took naps and made Halloween cookies! I wish my sister lived closer so we could have more fun days like this. That weekend, my Dad was out of town too, so when my mom picked up Char, we all went out for burgers, and they joined us for dinner Saturday night, too. It was fun weekend, and we loved spending time with our favorite niece!!!


The Sweatman Family said...

So fun! Charlotte is the splitting image of Mer!

Christina said...

Wow! She has gotten so big and so beautiful. What a cute niece.