October 10, 2012

Graham's Big Boy Room

We moved Graham to a twin size bed right after he turned two. He was climbing out of his crib, and we were afraid he would get hurt, so we had no choice. It has been a hard transition, and a lot of times (most of the time, really) he winds up falling asleep by his door instead of in his bed. Last night, he actually went to bed (no crying!!!) and stayed asleep the entire night, without a peep!!!! It was a miracle!! I am hoping so very much that we've turned a corner and he will finally be the good sleeper he once was!!! Maybe it's the sleep depirvation ;) but I realized the other day that I had never official posted pictures of his big boy room! It's still pretty much the same as his nursery, but we did rearrange a few things. He seems to like it a lot (just not when it's time to sleep, ha!)


Jalei & Lane said...

So cute & I love your front porch decorations!

The Sweatman Family said...

Looks great! Love the new photo up top :)