November 28, 2012

Pulling Up!

Claire had another first today! I put her in her crib for her nap this afternoon, and walked back to our bedroom to get the monitor, and this is what I saw on the video:
I was just getting sad last night about how fast she is growing up. Her days as my little baby are numbered, and she is hurdling towards toddler hood faster than I could have ever imagined. Stay little for just a little while longer, Claire!!! Please???
How proud does she look, though?! I came rushing back to her bedroom, and she was just standing there, grinning away! She loves being a big girl, but it's breaking my heart! :(

November 26, 2012

Our Thanksgiving

Like every year, we went to Tyler for our annual family reunion/ Thanksgiving celebration. We headed up on Wednesday, and arrived late afternoon. The kids were great on the trip, and we only had to stop once. The drive was so beautiful, the leaves were all turning; it was gorgeous!

Wednesday night, we headed to Ann and Kenneth's for dinner, then went back to the hotel to get the kids in bed. I spent part of the night on the roll out mattress with Graham, but overall the kids both did pretty good. Claire slept great in the pack in play, other than getting woken up by Graham. Hopefully she will sleep good in the pack in play at Disney World, too.... :)

Thanksgiving morning we got up, ate breakfast at the hotel and watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.. Graham is REALLY into parades right now, so that was right up his alley.

We got ready for the day, and headed back to Ann and Kenneth's for Thanksgiving dinner around 1:00. The kids played and played until it was time to eat, and then played some more!

The leaves were so gorgeous this year, and Char and Graham had a BLAST playin in them!

Precious girl was just happy to watch :)

Of course, I had to do a little mini photo shoot of Claire with the leaves.

My mom and our sweet cousin, Martha

The FOOD!!!

Claire joined in by chewing on her shoe

After dinner, we spent more time outside by the lake

So gorgeous!

Of course, we had to get everyone outside for a big family picture!

Claire finally passed out in her daddy's arms!

The kiddos played chase and Aunt Mer decided to join in :)

Then, someone noticed this amazing rainbow over the lake!! It was gorgeous, and even more so, because it was reflecting in the lake below. So neat that it happened at exactly the time everyone was outside to take pictures. It hadn't even rained!!


We stayed until about 6:30, then went back to the hotel to put the kids down for bed. We headed home the next day after breakfast. The drive home was great, too. Kids slept most of the way, and we followed my parents in their car.

Saturday morning, we met Chad's side of the family for breakfast, and spent the rest of the weekend getting our Christmas decorations up. Our tree is up and decorated, the house is decorated and the lights are on the house are up. Chad just needs to put a few more lights up outside, and I need to find the perfect wreath for the front door,and we should be all set!

We feel so blessed and thankful that we have such wonderful families to spend our holidays with, and TWO happy, healthy, beautiful children.

Let us come before him with thanksgiving and extol him with music and song. For the LORD is the great God, the great King above all gods.
Psalm 95:2-3

November 20, 2012

Claire: 8 Months


Our sweet girl is 8 months old!! In the past couple of weeks, you have been working on so many new things! First of all, you've been talking a lot! Two weeks ago, you said your very first word: "Ma Ma!" You were playing in your excersaucer, and I was on the couch when I heard it. I wasn't sure if you had really said it at first, but it didn't take long until you said it several more times. You have been saying Ma-Ma a lot since then, and I can't tell you how much it warms my heart! :) You also have been saying "Ba Ba" and we are working on "Da Da".

You're SO CLOSE to crawling, you just need to get the hang of balancing a little more, but it will really be any day now. In the past couple of weeks, you have also learned to go from lying down to sitting up. You can scooch really well, and you get where you want to go. Today I even caught you trying to pull up on the toy basket!!

Sleep is going really well, too right now (knock-on-wood). Your brother has been giving us a lot of trouble, but you are doing great! You may be getting a tooth in, so the past couple of nights you have woken up a little, but for the most part you are sleeping from 8-7:30. You are taking 2-3 naps a day, also. I've been putting you down awake for the most part, and you will fuss for a few minutes, but quickly settle yourself down. You have also learned to put your paci back in if you want it.

You are eating really well, too! You are still  mostly nursing, but you will have a bottle once in a while, too. You are eating lots of baby food, 3 times a day. You are getting the hang of spoon feeding, finally and are a lot less messy now! You love to eat!! I even gave you some yogurt melts, but you might not be quite ready for them yet.

You are still such a happy, laid-back baby. You even had your first night away from Mama this past Friday, and did great!! I think you were happy when Mama and Daddy came home, though :)

Your hair is getting longer and thicker, and your eyelashes are so long! You still only have 2 bottom teeth, but I think you may be getting a top tooth in. You  had your first ear infection a few weeks ago, but it was mild, and only in your left ear. Otherwise, you are super healthy and happy!!

Happy 8 months, sweet baby. We are so thankful for YOU!!!