November 3, 2012

Austin Trip and Birthday Celebrations

Last Friday, we drove to Austin for the weekend to celebrate my Mom's and Grandaddy's birthday. My mom's bday is the 27th and my Grandaddy's (mom's dad) is on the 28th so every year try to go to Austin to be with my Grandaddy on his birthday. We had a great time visiting with family and on Friday night we tagged along with my sister's family to Austin's Boo at the Zoo!

Friday, we got into Austin around 5. The kids were AWESOME!!! No crying whatsoever, and Claire slept the entire way!! (The trip home is always a different story). We ate pizza with Mer, Randall and Charlotte and then headed out for Boo at the Zoo. I honestly didn't know Austin had a zoo, and Mer said it was super small. I think it's even family owned. It reminded me of that movie "We Bought A Zoo" but it was really neat! We were a little skeptical that the barbed wire fences could keep the lions and tigers from escaping, but it was fine. :)

We walked around the Zoo and looked all the all the animals with flashlights and then took the train ride around the park at 8:20. Poor Graham was SO excited for the train ride (literally all he talked about all week) but he got scared while were on it, and kept saying "Go Char's house" and "See Mer Mer" Guess he thought his Aunt Mer Mer could protect him better than we could?! After that we headed home for bed!

The next day, we drove to my Aunt Patti and Uncle Todd's house in Lockhart (about a 30 min drive) and had a delcious steak lunch and cupcakes to celebrate the birthday girl and boy. My Aunt and Uncle live in this really cool house built in the '20s, and they have  pretty large yard, so the kids had a blast running aroudn and playing outside.

 We stayed most of the day, then went back to Mer and Randalls, ordered Chinese and called it a night. Graham did not go to bed good, so that was fun. We ended up all sleeping in the same queen size bed, all 4 of us, until I finally booted Graham and Chad to other full size bed in the next room. Ha! The next morning, we met my parents for breakfast, then packed up and headed home. The car ride home was not as pleasant, Graham was sick with a cough, so that led to a puke in the car, which woke up Claire and then she could not settle the rest of the way home. :( Not too fun, but we made it home around 6, ate dinner and put the kids to bed!!

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