November 4, 2012


Graham is talking so much these days, so I wanted to jot down some of the funny stuff he has come up with. It's so crazy how they all of the sudden start talking and then start making up their only little words and phrases. I love how I am sometimes the only one who can translate what he's saying, too. He usually talks pretty clear, though. I am loving this stage of his little life, aside from the occasional tantrum, everything this kid does is beyond adorable!

1. "I nare!" = "I'm in there!" He says this a lot. It's when he crawls behind the couch cushions, or is getting into something.

2. "I peer"= "I'm up here, or I want up here" Again, he says this a lot, anytime he climbs up on something.

3. "Ruh-Ruh" = A dog. He calls all dogs this, but especially my parent's dogs. "Mama, go see Mimi, Papa and the ruh-ruh's" Is a phrase we hear quite a bit ;)

4. "Yo Yo" = Yogurt

5. "Bar" = Nutrigrain bar

6. "Naner" = Banana

7. "Mill" = Milk

8. "Pah"= Paci

9." Mote" = TV remote

10. " Pall down" = Fall down

11. "Boo boo, hurt" or "I got owie" = He got hurt

12. "No like that song" = if he doesn't like the song on the radio

13." Go dat way" = Go that way

14. "No go dat way" = Go the other way

15. "Backyargan" =Backyardiagans

16. "Mick Mow" = Mickey Mouse

17. "Bar-ee"= Barney

And my all-time favorite is  something he has been saying for a few weeks now...

18. "I wove you"= I love you!!! He's been saying this on his own without any prompting for a little while now. Melt. My. Heart. He will even say it to us specifcally. "I love you, Mama" "I love you, baby" "I love you, Daddy" Agh!!!! I could die!!!

19. "I sit wight dere" =  I sit right there

20. "Here go" = Handing us something

21. "Watch Rade" = He wants to watch the Disney World Christmas Parade on our phone

22. "Go side" = He wants to go outside

23."No, dat mine" is a new one he picked up from his cousin, Char ;)

Well, that's all I can think of right now, but he pretty much can say everything these days! I just love this stage, and I love my baby boy!!!

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Christina said...

He is too cute. I love your new family picture. It is beautiful.