November 3, 2012

Happy Halloween!

We had a great Halloween!! This year was so fun since it was Claire's first Halloween and Graham's 2nd year to trick or treat! I was so excited for this Halloween, because I have always dreamed of dressing my little girl up for her first Halloween. I decided on a witch costume, because I was always a witch growing, every single year. I found this adorable costume on Etsy and I was sold! :)

Graham was a dinosaur this year, because he is really into them right now. He loves Barney, but we didn't want to dress him up as that, haha. So we settled on this cute Pottery Barn dino. He loved practicing his "Rawr!"

We spent the day just hanging at the house, and when Chad got home, we got the kids dressed in their costumes, loaded them in the car and stopped by our parent's houses to surprise them with a visit and a little treat from the kids. :) We kind of tricked them into thinking they weren't going to get to see the kids that night, so it was fun to show up at their doors. We made little paper plate footprint ghosts for them and on the back they said "Trick or Treat... Smell My Feet!" I kind of got the idea from Pinterest, but just used what we had around the house. Super simple and free! :) Grandparents love anything from their Grandkids, right?!
Claire trying out her witch costume!

(The night before Halloween, Graham and daddy made a pumpkin Mr. potatoe head ghost)
After we stopped by our parents houses, we rushed home to go trick or treating in our neighborhood. We loaded Graham up in his wagon, and took him door to door. I think he had a lot of fun, and  everyone loved the kids costumes! :)

What a fun night! Happy Halloween!!
Let the holiday season begin! :)

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Christina said...

Awe...they look so cute in their costumes! :-)