December 17, 2012

2 and a Half

On December 3rd our sweet boy turned 2 and a half. It's hard to believe in less than 6 months we will have a 3 year old! This age has it's challenges for sure, but mostly we get the biggest kick out of this kid. He has the sweetest heart in the world, and he is the funniest kid ever!

He is talking full fledged sentences now. He is also referring to himself in the 1st person, using "my, me, and I" almost all the time, but will still occasionally say "hold Bubba" or refer to himself as Bubba, haha.

 He is very active, but he is also a good listener (at least when we are not at home). If we are at the park, or in a parking lot, and I tell him to stay close, or stand by me, he will obey us. He usually turns around, nods and does what we say. He LOVES to go the park, to the McDonald's play place, play outside or just go "bye bye" in general.

He is napping pretty good, 2 hours a day. But (as you know from my last post) night time is still a challenge. He still cries every night before falling asleep. But the last several nights has made it all the way through the night in his room.

He eats really well, still, too! His favorite is peanut butter and jelly, fruit, crackers, edamame, fruit snacks. For breakfast he has a nutri-grain bar, part of a banana, and chobani kids Greek yogurt (he likes me to top it with sprinkles, too) He still drinks about 4 sippy cups a day of milk. Of course he loves juice, too but we limit that to no more than 1 or 2 servings a day, and give him as much water as possible.

He is wearing size 2T and 3T (2T pants mainly, and 3T shirts), size 6 diapers and size 7 shoe. He loves shoes  in general, and will walk around the house in me and Chad's shoes, it so hilarious.

He still wants his paci, and his bear as his security objects. In January, we are going to start working on taking the paci away!! This spring, we will start working hard on potty training. He has gone #2 in his potty a few times, but we are not working on it consistently yet.

He is still SUCH a character!! He loves to sing, too!! It amazes me how many words of songs he has memorized already. He can count to 14 by himself, and sing most of the alphabet song. He knows most colors, too. We are working on listening and minding. For punishments, we usually do time-outs or spankings if he is really being ornery.

He is still a momma's boy. He has sooo much fun with daddy, though. They are pretty adorable together. He is SUCH a sweet brother, too. He loves to hold baby's hand, he plays really well with her, and is gentle most of the time. He does sometimes take a toy away from her, but we are working on that. They really do love eachother, and seeing the genuine affection betweeen the two of them is precious. He loves to show her how to crawl, and will just come up and kiss her head, and say "I love you, Baby." Melt. My. Heart. He also tells mommy and daddy he loves them a lot, too.

He loves to pray at the dinner table, and prays with us everynight before bed. He surprised us the other day, by pointing to a snow globe we have, with Jesus in the manger and saying "Mama! That Baby God!"  We have no idea how he learned that, but we were so proud and amazed!

He loves to read books, his favorites are "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" and "Good Night Moon"  He has them both memorized. :) He loves to hold Mommy's hand and sleep in our bed. He doesn't like to be alone. He loves to take baths, and he loves his grandparents! He loves to go to school, and his best friend is Tripp. He is starting to play pretend play, and likes to serve us tea, haha! He is the light of our lives!! Love you, Bubba!!! Wish you could stay this age forever.

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