December 12, 2012

2012 Fall Family Pictures

In November, we did our annual family pictures. Our wonderful friends Amber and Jeremy drove down from Dallas and Amber once again captured our family in a beautiful and real way, just how I love them!!

We took the pictures super early in the morning, so that we wouldn't be interrupting nap times... but nonetheless, Graham was being a typical 2 year old. Sigh. Not wanting to smile, being uncooperative, and just being a little cranky pants! Then, there was poor Claire who was sick, had a runny nose, and (we would find out at the doctor the next day), her 1st ear infection! Fun times!! So,  you can imagine my shock when I popped in our picture CD a couple of weeks later, and saw the gorgeous photos Amber had (somehow) captured! I got our Christmas cards in the mail yesterday, so I figured I  would go ahead and share our pictures now. :)

I really do love everything about them, even the fact that we chose to take them at 2 locations we actually spend a lot of time at as a famly, ( a shopping center where some of our favorite restaurants are, and Graham's favorite park).

My handsome boy!

Our family of four

Our gorgeous girl!

What a stud. :)


Such a beauty. I just know we're in big trouble in about 16 years.

Look at those leg rolls!!
Our two sweet babies
I just love this picture of me with my sweet girl!!!

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Jalei & Lane said...

What a cute family you have!