December 4, 2012

Celebrating Our 4th Anniversary

I completely forgot to post this, but a few weeks ago, we celebrated our 4th anniversary. We decided it was time (and much-needed!) to leave both Graham and Claire with the grandparents for a night so we could have a night to ourselves! We made reservations at the Waterway Marriott in The Woodlands  (where we spent our wedding night 4 years ago), ate dinner at Kirby's Steakhouse (we recommend getting the pork chop!), and booked a couples massage for the next morning. It was awesome! Somehow we were still tired after our massage, so we took a nap in our room and then went out for lunch before heading home! It was so relaxing, and fun to just be together and focus on eachother. Unfortuantely, we were too busy relaxing and enjoying our time away to get any pictures other than these at lunch!! :( I will have to make more of an effort next time we get away.

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