December 13, 2012

Christmas Playdate

This morning, Traci had us over for a fun Christmas playdate! We try to do this every year, and she offered to host again! We do a book exchange for the kiddos ($5 and under) and this year we did a Christmas mug exchange for the mommies. Traci baked us all up a ton of delicous treats, and the kids played and played while the mom's got to visit (as much as you can with 8 crazy kids running around).  So nuts that between the 3 of us, we have 8 kids!!!

Traci and Tripp... Tucker was a little tired so he went down for a nap!

Graham snacking on a cookie. This kid is ridiculous!!!

Miss Claire trying to mess with Traci's stereo

Sweet Lily

Mr. Judd (one of Lily's big brothers)

Claire and Amelia playing

2 precious girls!!

Claire thinks she is a hot tamale standing up these days

Ha! Love this girl!!

Tripp and Graham are the cutest

Silly Joshua being shy

Traci wanted to get a picture of all the girls with their mommies

and then she wanted a picture with each of our girls, since she doesn't have a girl of her own!

Getting close to naptime

Jessica and Lily, Jessica is the sweetest mommy.

Miracle of miracles, we actually got the boys to sit on the couch together and take a picture!!
(We may or may not have bribed them with a cookie ;)

Such a fun playdate! We always have a blast getting these kids together!

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