December 3, 2012

Happy December!!!

Wow, I can already tell this year may be our busiest yet! I am so excited for Christmas this year, though. In addition to it being our sweet girl's First Christmas (!!) We are also going to Disney World in a little over TWO WEEKS!! Not to mention all the Christmas parties, get together's, play-dates, and fun family activities we want to do, it's going to be busy. But, hey- that's what life is all about, right?! I am thankful we have so many family and friends to spend the holiday season with.

 We kicked off December right, with some Christmas shopping (done by me Friday night, while Daddy watched the kiddos) and a family Christmas party on Saturday night, and a Children's Christmas Program at church on Sunday night. Next week, we have 2 Christmas parties to go to (one for our Life Group Class on Friday night, and one for Chad's work on Saturday night.) See what I mean? Busy, busy. :)

These are pictures of the Sunday night ADVENTure at our church: They had a live nativity and petting zoo. Graham was super into the "aminals" :)

Here's Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus in the live Nativity! Aka our friends Jason and Ashley and their adorable son, Jack :)

Typical family picture attempt these days:

Loved dressing up our little doll in a few of her Christmas outfits this weekend
I LOVE Graham's sweet face here!!

He was all about petting those animals!

Claire wanted to get in on some of the petting zoo action, too! These baby goats were just precious.

I am in love with this picture of our sweet girl!

I have to admit, we make some pretty stinkin' adorable babies :)

Claire with the Holy Family

We pretty much headed home after that. It started at 5, so we were all pretty hungry for dinner. It was a fun little event!
 After we got home, we also got a little visit from a special Elf last night. :) Graham decided (with some suggestions from Mommy ;) to name him Toodles the Elf) It's been a bit of a challenge, though because Graham still hasn't warmed up to Santa.
Someone's at the door, Graham!


Hopefully next year, he will get it. He's still pretty scared of Old St. Nick... I thought of just scrapping the whole "Santa" thing all together, but I have such fun memories of being excitied to see Santa as a kid. I remember when we'd leave Christmas Eve service every year, me and my sister just watching the night sky all the way home looking and looking for Santa's sleigh. You don't have very many magical things in this world as it is, and I love the tradition of Santa. So, I will keep working on Graham, and hopefully when he sees all the loot on Christmas morning, he will start to like him! Of course, we are still making Christmas Christ-centered and we are talking a lot about Baby Jesus, and how it's his birthday. I guess it's a lot of information for a little two year old. He is definitely into the Christmas lights, though! He also loves snowmen. :)

Telling Toodles what he want's for Christmas (A BB Gum) in case you were curious... I told Daddy it's not happening this year! ;)

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