January 19, 2013

Claire: 10 Months

10 Months, sweet girl!!! Only 2 more months until your first birthday... cue the tears from your sad mommy. I can't believe how fast these last 10 months have gone!! You have changed and learned SO MUCH this last month. It's crazy how much you haved accomplished!!!

First of all, you now have 6 teeth! You went from 2 teeth to 6 teeth in a week!! It was rough. On all of us. Pretty much only at naptime and nightime, though. You were still a happy girl for the most part. Such a little trooper. You now have 4 top teeth!

You are also standing on your own a lot!! You are working hard on your balance. Mimi thinks you are waiting until you are very sure of yourself before you take your first steps! You and your brother are growing so fast, Momma is gonna have to put a brick on both your heads! ;)

You also learned to clap and wave bye-bye, it's the cutest thing ever!! You will wave on demand, and you just think it's so fun. You also looove being tickled, and being thrown up in the air. You giggle uncontrollably, and I might die from the cuteness. Everyone is always commenting on how beautiful you are. Of course, I 1,000% agree!!!! :)

A typical day: You eat a 8 oz bottle when you wake up in the morning, then have yogurt and some cheerios. You may take a catnap in the car in the morning, too. For lunch you have a baby food pouch, and some puffs, then a 6 oz bottle. You go down for your nap and then have another 6 oz. bottle. At dinner you have a baby food pouch, and some yogurt melts. Then we bathe you both, and get ready for bed!


We love you, baby!!!
Happy 10 Months, precious girl!!!


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