February 19, 2013

Claire:11 Months

 Well, someone was just not having it. She did not want to be put down for pictures!! Poor girl. She hates being set down right now. Such a momma's girl. Gotta admit, I kind of love it :)

11 months... only one month until your first birthday, how is that possible?! I think I've been in denial, because I am just now getting around to really firming up your first birthday party plans!!

You are such a busy girl these days!! You are getting into everything, and you are so darn fast!! You have taken a couple steps, but only one at a time, from the ottoman to the couch. You can stand and balance and slowly sit down, it's so cute how careful you are. You love to crawl, and you absoulutely crack up when me and Graham get down and crawl around with you. You've also climbed up in your Pottery Barn chair a few times.

You are sleeping good at night and for your naps, and take 1 long nap a day, maybe a catnap in the car if we're running errands. You wear size 12 month, can still wear some 9 month and size 3 diapers. Your hair is coming in thicker, and you weigh about 21 pounds, I think.

You are still so sweet and happy. You have yet to really have a fussy day!!! Although, you do cry when we take something away you can't have, or if you're overly tired. You are a big mama's girl, and you recently (within the past week) have started to show some sepration anxiety.

You can say several words now (Mama, Dada, Baba, Uh-oh), and you copy the sounds of words really well! You also love to growl!!! You are wearing size 12 and 18 month, and size 3 diapers. Can't wait to see what you way at your 12 month check up! Love you so much, Baby Claire. Happy 11 months!!!

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