March 18, 2013

Happy First Birthday, Baby!

Sweet baby girl,

Tomorrow you are turning one, and I can hardly believe how fast this year has flown by. Last year, at this time, I was trying so hard to picture who you would be, what you would look like, and how you would fit into our family. My darling girl, you have far surpassed any expectation I could've ever had.

You came into this world so easily (and fast!) and you have been a dream ever since. I honestly don't know if there has ever been a better baby than you. You are so calm, loving, lovable and sweet. Not to mention absoulutely beautiful. You have the biggest chocolate brown eyes that could melt any heart. Every little feature you have is perfectly gorgeous. I sometimes can't believe that you are ours!

Since they first layed you in my arms, I knew how special you were. We have had a special bond right from the start, and I have treasured every moment with you from then until now. You are so smart, and funny. You have passed every milestone a little early, and have been trying to keep up with your big brother from day one! You have done an excellent job of wrapping your daddy around your little finger, and you are just adored by everyone who meets you.

I always knew I would someday have a daughter, and you are my dream come true. I have so many prayers and wishes for you, and I hope that you will always know that you have been loved beyond measure from the start.

I pray that you will love the Lord with all of your heart, because it is only in that, my sweet girl, that you will truly find happiness and fullfilment. I pray that you will never forget you are a precious creation, and that God has a wonderful plan for you. You have already brought joy to so many, and I know you will do great things in this life. Claire means "Clear and Bright", and I pray that others will see the light of the Lord shining through you.

Happy FIRST Birthday, baby Claire!!! We can't wait to see what this next year holds! We love you forever and ever.

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