April 9, 2013

Claire's First Birthday Party!

 Saturday, the 23rd we finally got to celebrate our girl's first birthday with a fun family filled party. The party was at our house at 4. Little Miss got to take a good nap before her party guests arrived, so that worked out great!

There wasn't really a specific theme for this party, but I wanted it to be cute, feminine, and sweet just like our little birthday girl! :) It ended up being shabby-chic and even though I kind of threw this party together pretty last-minute (between all the moving craziness), I think it turned out pretty cute! Most importantly, I think the birthday girl had a great time being spoiled and loved on by all of her family! Enjoy the picture overload!! :)

The birthday girl waiting for mommy and daddy to finish setting up. She was ready to party!

Dessert Table

Funfetti Dip, it was a huge hit!
Her monogram cake, so delcious!

The food table
We catered in Chick-fil-A nuggets and chicken salad sandwiches
I made fruit skewers
and this amazing neiman marcus dip, A.K.A. "Catch-a-man Dip"
The Star of the Show!! I made her "1" onesie using hotglue, a cut-out of a felt 1 and tulle.

Her main present was this robbin's egg blue vintage kitchen. Sooo adorable!!!

Another hit was this shopping cart, she has been fighting Big Brother for it ever since ;) She also got a ton of adorable clothes! Such a spoiled Princess.

Cake time!!

She loved it!!



Graham got sad about somethimg and wanted his Papa

too sweet :)

The bubble machine was our main entertainment since there weren't many other kids there. It seemed to work out pretty well :)


All in all, it was a wonderful party, and we are so blessed that so many people love our little girl as much as we do!!!


Tonya said...

I love how your dad is consoling Graham! Too precious!

Christina said...

So adorable! I love your header picture.