April 14, 2013

Little Moments

There's something so sweet about the little everyday moments with your kids. A couple of weeks ago, Claire got all messy during lunch time, so Graham helped me give her a bath in the kitchen sink. 

A few days later (the day after Claire's birthday party, I think) it was gorgeous outside, so we opened the windows. Not long after, I caught the the kids just standing in front of the dining room windows, just letting the crazy wind blow on their little faces. It was so funny, because it was cold and really windy, but they loved it!

This was on Claire's birthday. She just looked so sweet and baby-like snoozing in the carseat.

Love these sweet kiddos so much!!!!

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Jalei & Lane said...

You know, I have never given my kids a bath in the sink. I see other people do it all the time, but for some reason I feel like it will be too hard. I need to test this out...