April 10, 2013

Love & Marriage Series: About Us

My friend April is doing a link up with The Mix and Match Mama. When I saw this blog series, I knew I wanted to do it! It happnes to be at the perfect time, since Chad and I are involved in a class at our church for the next 8 weeks called Re-Engage. We are always willing to work to make our marriage the best it can be, and I don't take for granted that I have a husband who is so open and happy to do that! I know that can be a very rare thing!

At the top of my blog is the "Our Story" tab. That will tell you all about how we met, our dating realtionship, and everything leading up to now, almost 4 and half years, and 2 kids into our marriage. So since I've already posted about all that fun stuff, I'll just kind of try to tell you about us, and the basics of our marriage.

 To be really honest, our marriage is pretty great. I'm really not trying to brag, and it is certainly not perfect,  but I'm just trying to give you a feel of what our marriage is about. I owe most of it to Chad, to tell the truth. He really is a saint, most of the time ;) He's easy to live with, get along with, and just plain easy to like, let alone love.

All that to say, I think the main thing we have going for us is that we are compatible. Even though there was an immediate attraction (on my side, anyway) right when we met, we were just really good friends for a really long time before we officially took it to the next level. Chad has always been the one person I could tell anything to without judgement, and vice versa. Another huge part, actually the hugest part, is that we have always talked and kept God in our relationship, even as friends. I remember in high school, sometimes Chad would come pick me up in his Mom's car (she had some kind of fast car that Chad liked to drive, I can't remember what it was now) and we would just sit in my driveway or drive around my neighborhood, listen to old country music and talk about everything.

Another big part of the success of our marriage is that we are really good at forgiving eachother, and apologizing. Neither of us is the type to hold grudges. I ran across a quote on Pinterest that said "A happy marriage is the union of two good forgivers" and it really hit home for me. I know it's super cliche, but we've really never gone to bed angry. Chad is unique in the fact that he likes to talk things out.  He's a really good communicator, and not the type to bury his feelings, and vice versa. We both aren't ok when there's upset or discord in our relationship. If we get short or snippy with eachother, we get over it pretty fast, give eachother a kiss, and move on. In fact, that exact thing happened last night. ;)  If we said something we need to apologize for, we do. I sometimes feel like there's this supernatural energy holding us together, because I can be so mad at him, and 5 minutes later, right in the middle of my anger I start to inexplicable smile or laugh. It's pretty annoying sometimes! I don't know why, but I've never been able to stay mad at him for very long.

We also enjoy a lot of the same things. We have the same taste in music, movies, vacations. We have very similar backgrounds, beliefs, and goals for the future. We know eachtother really, really well. We always say we're on the same wave length. We know what the other is thinking without saying a word. I truly feel like I found my other half. Well, that about sums up the basics of our marriage! Stay tuned for the next post: Overcoming Hard Times

A little trip down memory lane:

Senior Year of high school Yellow Rose Ball
Spring 2006, a couple of months before we became a couple

Our first Christmas together Dec. 2006

Christmas 2007

Lake Tahoe Summer 2007

Engagment Picture 2008

Our first anniversary November 7, 2009
(I was a few months pregnant with Graham)

Fall of 2010, building our first house!

Graham's first birthday June 3, 2011
(a month before I got pregnant with Claire)
Christmas 2012


The Bryan Family said...

Love it! It is so nice when things just click and it works. You guys have a beautiful family

Brenden said...

Thanks, April!! Y'all do, too!:)